Terraillon wants to make connected scales accessible for athletes

Terraillon is already one of the leaders in the sector of connected scales with products that have proven themselves and display a very competitive price-quality ratio. A new step for the manufacturer with a Terraillon Master Coach Ultra which, in addition to the weight, can collect a lot of information about your physiology.

You may not know it, but the French brand Terraillon is one of the market leaders in smart bathroom scales. Summer seems to be a good time to update its range of connected scales, including a Terraillon Master Coach Ultra, which promises to be attractive, efficient and with a quality-price ratio that works in its favour.

A master of weighing

The new Master Coach Ultra displays a modern design, very refined and a beautiful finesse with 2.1 cm thick. It has a large backlit LCD screen for perfect readability.

The Master Coach Ultra will therefore give you your weight, BMI (Body Mass Index) and above all it is able to analyze your body composition thanks to electrodes hidden in the scale. Thus, it will tell you your fat, muscle, hybrid and bone mass, very useful data for those following a fat loss program or athletes who set specific physical goals. Or they can simply serve to better understand your body and help you change your most harmful habits.

These functions were already present in the previous generation of Master Coach, but the Ultra version also provides heart rate measurement. This is, in addition to the weight, the only information directly accessible on the screen. To access the body composition, it will be imperative to go through the MyHealth by Terraillon application. If the screen of the scale displays information, it is via the application that we have the most precise elements.

Thus, you will have access to basic metabolic rates such as the visceral fat index (the fat mass that surrounds the organs) and your daily caloric intake calculated according to your activity and physiology. Note that the product is HDS certified, which means that the data is hosted in France.

Marketed in September at a price of 79.99 euros, it is about 25% less expensive than its direct competitor at Withings the Body Smart. An alternative for those looking for a complete and affordable connected scale.

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