Telewizja z Węgier rusza na podbój Polski. PTV to nowy kanał dla pań

Television from Hungary sets out to conquer Poland. PTV is a new channel for ladies

The Hungarian television group TV2 is applying for access to MUX-8 on digital terrestrial television in Poland. The proceedings to expand the multiplex started on March 14, 2024.

The National Broadcasting Council announced that Hungarian TV2 Media Group submitted an application for a nationwide terrestrial digital frequency as part of the MUX-8 multiplex. If the application is approved, the group will launch this fall entertainment and lifestyle channel PTV, intended mainly for women. It is to broadcast 24 hours a day entertainment programs, fiction programs, talk shows and magazines produced mainly in Poland.

PTV will be the group's 18th channel. The first TV2 Media Group station was launched in the late 1990s and is currently the most watched TV channel in Hungary. After a successful investment in Planet TV Slovenia in 2020, the company is preparing to enter another market in Central and Eastern Europe. TV2 Media employs approximately 400 permanent employees in the region and plans to create additional jobs in Poland.

We have been monitoring the Polish market for a long time and we are excited about the opportunity to invest in this wonderful country. We believe that the new entertainment channel will be a reasonable alternative in an already competitive market.

– said Pavel Stantchev, president of TV2 Media Group

TV2 Media Group

Since its inception, the TV2 media group has been producing and broadcasting the most popular television programs in the world, appreciated by millions of viewers in Hungary and internationally. The TV2 channel started broadcasting in 1997. In 2016, TV2 Media Group was established with a wider programming offer and several thematic channels. Currently, the group has 17 stations in the region.

In 2020, TV2 expanded into the international market by acquiring three TV channels from the Slovenian network Planet TV: Planet TV, Planet 2 and Planet EVA. The group expanded its reach beyond Hungary, broadcasting programs in neighboring countries and reaching Hungarian-speaking viewers in Slovakia, Romania and Serbia.

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