Televio otwiera okno. Te kanały dostaniesz bez dopłaty

Televio opens the window. You will get these channels at no additional cost

Internet television Televio has prepared an April promotion for subscribers of the Basic and Family packages. Throughout the month, they will be able to watch four premium channels at no additional cost, i.e. completely free (not counting the fee for the package they use).

Televio “opens window”. As part of the promotion, Internet TV will provide subscribers with additional TV channels that are normally only available in the Premium package. And yes:

  • channels will be added to the Basic package AXN, AXN Black, AXN White and AXN Spin,
  • channels will be added to the Family package AXN Black, AXN White and AXN Spin (AXN is included in this package).

The above-mentioned TV channels will be available in the Basic and Family packages on from April 1 to April 30, 2024. While watching them, you can use advanced features, such as rewinding the programs up to 7 days ago and recording up to 120 hours directly in the application. Thanks to this, films and series offered in the schedule are available on demand, just like on VoD services.

Televio promotion

Adventure with AXN channels

The AXN channel set is a guarantee of suspenseful films and series. The offer includes engaging science fiction stories, such as movies, on an ongoing basis “Star Trek”, “1000 years after the Earth” Whether “Super 8”. There is also no shortage of productions aimed at fans of fast action, including: “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, “Jumanji: Jungle Adventure” Whether “Baby Driver”.

The series offer includes many popular American productions, such as “Walker: Texas Ranger, “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” and “The Good Doctor”. The end of March on the AXN channel is the first premiere in Poland “FBI Recruit”a spin-off of the series “Recruit”which is also available on the AXN television station.

The channels also regularly feature other genres, including comedies and animated films for children. Thanks to this, everyone should find something for themselves here. Currently you can see, among others, films “Peter Rabbit”, “Officer Blart in Las Vegas” and “Monsters vs. Aliens”and many others.

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