TCL 4K televisions start at 366 euros thanks to a nice promotion

There’s still time to change your TV to enjoy sporting events in 4K. It is even possible to do this with a lower bill since TCL TVs are on sale at Auchan.

With matches often broadcast in 4K on French channels, major sporting events are always a good time to change TVs. And to enjoy meetings in excellent definition, no need to turn to TVs costing 2,000 euros or more.

For two days, Auchan is offering an attractive discount on a selection of TCL 4K QLED and Mini LED televisions. Slabs whose price starts at 449 euros and which above all allow you to recover 15% of their value in the Waaoh prize pool. Concretely, it is possible to obtain from 67.35 to 298.50 euros in the loyalty pool of the Waaoh card depending on the model chosen. Especially since creating a loyalty account is very simple, quick and free. Simply go to the Auchan website to subscribe in a few clicks.

The TCL 65C845 at 711.50 euros after deduction of the 178.50 euros prize pool

Successor to the already successful TCL C835 series, the TCL 65C845 television has managed to make great progress in the quality of its image. A great performance which allows it to obtain an 8/10 during the CssTricks test.

Indeed, it is difficult to ignore its excellent brightness which allows you to benefit from a readable image at any time of the day, whatever the season. Its large 65-inch panel is based on Mini LED technology, which ensures a much better contrast ratio than Full LED with extremely precise blacks. Here again, the 4K definition ensures sublime rendering, provided that the program is compatible.

The TCL 65C845 also improves in audio with now two 20 W speakers, compared to 15 previously. Better still, it becomes compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual:X standards, in order to offer clearer sound.

But the other great strength of the TCL 65C845 is its connection to gaming. TCL delivers a television designed for gaming, notably with a refresh rate of 144 Hz, a characteristic normally found on gaming monitors. In addition to a input lag particularly low, a good point for competitive games, it benefits from wide connectivity adapted to the latest optimizations of recent home consoles. Whether it’s to play a series of games, watch film after film or enjoy the matches of the French XV of which TCL is the official partner, in very good conditions, this television fulfills its mission with flying colors.

To mark autumn, Auchan is slashing the price of the TCL 65C845 television. Not only does this benefit from an ODR of 300 euros, which drops its price to 890 euros, but it also allows you to obtain 178.50 euros on your Waaoh loyalty account. A nice sum which can contribute to the purchase of a new generation console for example.

The TCL 55C649 at 366.65 euros after deduction of the 82.35 euros prize pool

Enjoying 4K for less than 500 euros, this is Auchan’s promise with the TCL 55C649 television. But does this price hide a TV full of concessions? Absolutely not.

This 55-inch television offers a beautiful display surface in 16:9 format thanks to ultra-thin borders. Its QLED technology and 4K definition flatter the retina, with very well controlled brightness, deep blacks and a particularly careful contrast ratio. Better yet, it supports HDR10, HDR10+, HDR HLG and Dolby Vision standards. Which means that this television has no problem displaying films, series, shows or sports matches in optimal quality.

With its rich connectivity, the TCL 55C649 is not limited to television broadcasting. It is also a good ally for thrifty players. Its three HDMI 2.1 ports promote compatibility with the graphics requirements of the latest generation consoles. It also includes a jack socket for connecting headphones and playing discreetly in the evening. Not forgetting a USB port, as well as an optical output.

Usually sold for 549 euros at Auchan, the TCL 55C649 goes to 449 euros thanks to an ODR of 100 euros. Better still, for 48 hours, Auchan credits 15% of the purchase price to the buyer’s Waaoh loyalty kitty. A bonus of 82.35 euros that can be used in any store of the brand. Enough to do a good amount of shopping.

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