T-Mobile zaprasza na film. Te tytuły Red Bull TV obejrzysz na MagentaTV

T-Mobile invites you to a movie. You can watch these Red Bull TV titles on MagentaTV

Red Bull TV is the next stage of T-Mobile’s cooperation with the Red Bull brand. There you will see, among other things, stories that will give you wings.

Extraordinary journeys, sporting feats and breathtaking flights – all this can be felt at any time thanks to materials from Red BullTVavailable in the offer MagentaTV. Experience lovers can see, for example, the newest one here a documentary about Łukasz Czepiela’s plane landing on the top of a skyscraper in Dubaiwhich took place a year ago.

There are also other offers waiting for MagentaTV customers, such as: Shaping Jordy Smith, 360 Ascent, K2 The Impossible Descent or series Pushing Progression. In the coming days, T-Mobile Polska will also make available titles such as: Flying Between Giantsnext episodes Pushing Progression, The History Of The Pit Stop, Space Jumps – Red Bull Stratos, Dive Into Guatemala, The Last Ascent: Will Gadd’s Return to Kilimanjaro, Polish Official Skatepark Review Whether Maciej Jankowski: Riding Around.

Magenta TV news

All customers with the MagentaTV service will have access to the new VOD collection from Red Bull TV.

Red Bull Mobile powered by T-Mobile

The new VOD offer is the next stage of T-Mobile’s cooperation with the brand Red Bull. The Magent operator will power the network from September 2023 Red BullMobile (previously it was done by Play). She took off then no-obligation subscription offer with unlimited Internet for half a year. Users can feel the quality of this network for themselves thanks to technology 5G More.

More information about the Magenta TV offer can be found at this address.

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