surprise (no), its manufacturing cost would be well under 3000 dollars

It was expected, here is the first estimated invoice for the manufacturing cost of the Apple Vision Pro headset. It is obviously much lower than the selling price of the helmet, but that is not the most important.

It’s almost a tradition when talking about an Apple product. Shortly after the announcement, analysts reveal an estimate of the cost to manufacture the device, and it is usually well below the selling price decided by Apple.

With the presentation of the “space computer” Apple Vision Pro and its astronomical price of 3499 dollars, we could necessarily expect the rapid arrival of these estimates. It’s done.

A “real” price at only 1500 dollars?

A first estimate has already been relayed on social networks. The addition rises to 1,509 dollars for the sum of the components present in the helmet according to this estimate. Apple would therefore market its headphones at a price twice the manufacturing price?

Apple Vision Pro BOM table
Total cost: $1509

The component with the highest proportion in manufacturing cost is the Sony display, costing $700. Next is the assembly cost for LuxShare, which is $130, followed by the $120 M2 processor.

—Revegnus (@Tech_Reve) June 7, 2023

This is a trap into which we must be careful not to fall. We are talking here exclusively about the factory manufacturing cost of the device. We therefore do not take into account the cost of the communication campaign and especially the design of the product. Apple’s years of research where the brand paid hundreds of engineers represent a cost to be made profitable for the manufacturer that it must include in the price of its first model.

What are the most expensive components of the Apple Vision Pro?

It is therefore not on this figure that we must dwell, but rather on the “items of expenditure”, where Apple pays the most for these components. Unsurprisingly, these are the two Micro-Oled screens manufactured by Sony at 350 dollars each, or 700 dollars in all. You have to add the LG Amoled screen on the outside of the helmet, which displays your gaze, for 30 dollars each. We thus realize the price difference between a simple slightly curved AMOLED screen, and the advanced Micro-Oled screens integrated inside.

Other major expense items: Apple M2 chip for $120 each, pancake lenses for $60, and assembly for $130. Less expensive, the Apple R1 chip costs only $60 to manufacture.

It is also from this invoice that one can wonder where Apple will manage to optimize its costs to lower the price of the product over the generations to come, or to create the Apple Vision, a “non-Pro” version.

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