Stiga releases a new series of mowing robots

Stiga releases a new series of mowing robots

Stiga has released a series of intelligent robots that will take care of your garden and yard. Just press one button and you can sit comfortably and the machine will do everything for you.

With gardens of all sizes in mind, the current generation of autonomous mowing robots has been expanded. Models will be added to the new Stiga brand offer A500, A750 and A1000to meet the needs of mowing smaller lawns (from 500 m2 to 1000 m2). The new products in the family of large robots are models A7500 and A10000which means a significant expansion of the mowing area, up to 10,000 m2, ensuring efficient care of even the largest lawns.

Stiga presents new models

Thanks to the most modern functions, autonomous STIGA robots work according to mowing patterns that can be selected by the user. By default, a “parallel lines” mowing pattern is defined, which avoids multiple passes over the same area, minimizing the time needed to fully mow the garden and limiting the over-cutting of the grass that occurs when the robot moves randomly. New features include:

  • Custom cutting angle: After selecting the desired mowing pattern, it is possible to modify the angle of the organized mowing path, which can be adjusted from +90° to -90°, with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees. An ideal feature for adapting the mowing path to existing garden shapes or structures, improving the overall aesthetics of the garden.
  • Temporary areas excluded from mowing: it is possible to temporarily exclude some parts of the garden from the mowing area. To set a “No Mow Zone”, you can connect two points of the virtual perimeter to create a dividing line.
  • Go From Here feature: it is also possible to temporarily exclude the zone around the user from the mowing area, which is defined based on the GPS position of the mobile device or by selecting the “buffer distance” from the desired point on the garden map via the Stiga.GO APP and with a specified duration.
  • Obstacle notification: If the device repeatedly hits an obstacle while mowing, the robot will notify the operator about the presence of a hypothetical obstacle upon returning to the base. The user can then see the approximate position of the obstacle on the map and limit it by setting a circular “no mowing zone” around it.
  • Long exit: if the function is activated, when leaving the docking base, the robot moves back 2 meters from the charging point and then turns 180° to start cutting.
  • Mowing closed areas: this function allows the robot to work independently in closed areas, without connecting them to communication routes between zones. After completing the designated mowing zone, the robot will automatically stop, waiting to be placed back in the charging base or another zone of the garden.
  • Push notifications: once activated, the robot sends push notifications via the Stiga.GO app in the event of a robot failure or when it stops after mowing a closed area. This enables quick remote or on-site intervention and constant communication, ensuring full control over both the robot and the garden.

With its patented ePower battery, the STIGA series of autonomous mowing robots is designed to operate energy-efficiently and with respect for nature. The STIGA ePower battery features advanced technology for reliability and durability, so even after 1,500 charging cycles – equivalent to approximately 4 years of use – the battery continues to operate at over 80% efficiency.

STIGA autonomous mowing robots are available for sale on the website and from authorized dealers. The suggested retail price includes free connectivity for the life of the robot, at no additional cost.

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