Stellar Blade with release date.  PS5 owners won't have to wait long

Stellar Blade with release date. PS5 owners won’t have to wait long

Sony officially announced the release date of the game, which was shown at State of Play. We won’t have to wait long.

Stellar Blade may be one of the loudest launches on PlayStation 5 this year. The South Korean studio Shift Up is responsible for its production, for which it will be the first such an extensive game. We could see fragments of the gameplay during the State of Play conference. Now Sony has revealed when the game will be released on their console. Stellar Blade will debut on April 26while pre-sale started on February 7.

Stellar Blade – a new hit on PS5?

Stellar Blade is the story of the journey of Eve, a warrior who leaves a space colony to defeat the Naytibs, enemies of humanity who suddenly appeared on Earth. The main character goes to a destroyed world, where she meets Adam and Lily, who survived the disaster. The group joins forces to fight the Naytibs.

You will be able to spend many hours playing the game. The manufacturer announced that players interested in additional activities can participate in it spend up to 50 hours before completely completing the game.

Pre-orders for the game began on February 7 on PlayStation Store and from selected trading partners. Players who pre-order any version of the game will be able to early unlock the Planet Diving suit, classic round glasses and Ear Armor earrings for Eve.

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