Polityka zwrotów Steam ulegnie zmianie

Steam has changed the rules. You won't be able to return certain games

Steam has changed its game return policy. Getting your money back for your purchase will be a bit more difficult.

Returning games on Steam has been incredibly easy for eight years. Valve returns the money without asking any questions if two conditions are met: 14 days have not passed since purchase and the game time has not exceeded 2 hours. The rules were clear and understandable to everyone.

Steam adds early access to the trial period

However, simple things tend to get complicated over time. Steam's refund policy has now reached this point. This closed the door that allowed the return of games purchased and “tested” for years before their premiere.

You can buy thousands of games on Steam Early Access and Advanced Access and play their unfinished versions. However, these games can be in early access for years. They can be purchased and played in almost complete games, while the authors gain funds to improve the mechanics and diversify the content.

And here we come to the heart of the matter. As soon as the game left early access, Valve allowed refunds on normal terms. It doesn't matter that you could play it for years. The counter was reset and 2 weeks from purchase and 2 hours of play counted again. Steam decided to put an end to it.

Steam's current refund policy is (translated):

Refunds for games purchased before release

If you purchase a game on Steam before its release date, there is a two-hour refund limit (excluding beta testing), and the 14-day refund period begins on the day of release. For example, if you purchase a game through Early Access or Advanced Access, any playtime will count toward the two-hour refund limit. If you pre-order a game that is not yet playable, you can request a refund at any time prior to release, and the standard 14-day refund period with a 2-hour play limit will begin on the game's release date.

In short: early access counts towards the 2-hour gaming limit.

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