Starfield launch puts Xbox Series S and X sales into orbit

The joint release of Starfield and the new Xbox Series S 1 TB had the effect of seriously boosting the distribution of Xbox Series, particularly across the Channel, where Microsoft consoles benefited from a sensational increase in sales.

Microsoft can rub its hands by once again tasting the boosting effect that the launch of an exclusive game can have on console sales. We learn from GamesIndustry that the Xbox Series have sold in pallets in recent days thanks to the launch of Starfield, the new franchise from Bethesda Game Studios, a subsidiary of ZeniMax Media, itself bought by Microsoft in 2021.

This highly anticipated release, combined with the launch over the same period of the new black Xbox Series S equipped with 1 TB of storage (compared to only 512 GB of SSD on the “classic” white version), made it possible to significantly increase the sales, particularly in the United Kingdom. Across the Channel, sales of Xbox Series S and X jumped 76% from one week to the next for the seven days ending September 2, according to data collected by GfK.

A high point of sales for the year 2023 in Great Britain

According to data shared by the firm, this result, which so far constitutes the largest increase in sales of the year in Great Britain, is partially due to the public’s appeal for the Series S 1 to. It alone represents 24% of sales this week. As a reminder, this 1 TB model is sold at 350 euros, compared to 300 euros for the 512 GB version.

The Xbox Series An increase in sales linked largely to the release of Starfield. The title was in fact made available from September 1 to players who purchased the premium edition.

Note that these excellent sales compensate for a sluggish year for the Xbox Series across the Channel. Until the end of August, sales of Microsoft consoles there were down 23% compared to those recorded in 2022.

Finally, it’s difficult not to keep in mind the growing difficulties of the Xbox Series S when it comes to offering the same gaming experience as its big sister the Series X on certain demanding titles. An element which could gradually negatively impact its interest, and therefore its sales in the future.

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