Spotify with something new.  Poles were among the first to receive it

Spotify with something new. Poles were among the first to receive it

Spotify is introducing a new feature in the application today – music videos. Poles can be among the first to see them.

Spotify is one of the most famous music streaming applications. Used to be a Swedish website it set trends, today it is just catching up competition. This is also the case with music videos, which have been present on Tidal for a long time.

Starting today, the Spotify app is available to users beta version of music videos on 11 selected markets all over the world. Poland is one of the first countries that have gained access to the new function.

In the coming weeks, Polish ones Spotify Premium users will be able to listen to a selected collection of music videos by world artists and local stars, such as Sanah, Daria Zawiałow, Margaret, Dawid Podsiadło, Brodka and this year’s Polish representative at the Eurovision Song Contest – LUNA.

Spotify Premium users can select “Switch to video” for supported music tracks on devices running the system iOS, Android, computers or TVs. The video will then start playing from the beginning in the “Now Playing” view. To return to background listening, simply press the “Switch to audio only” button.

The new function may tempt existing or new users to choose Spotify, which is available in Poland significantly increased fees. The cheapest Premium Individual plan increased from PLN 19.99 to PLN 23.99and the richest Premium Family plan increased in price from PLN 29.99 to PLN 37.99 per month. These prices are already offered to new users, while current users will have to spend more on Spotify from April. Maybe the music videos will convince some of them to keep their subscriptions.

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