Spotify wants to make a previously free function pay for

Some Spotify users are discovering that displaying lyrics in the app is now restricted to Premium subscribers.

Contrary to its logo, all the lights are not green for Spotify as it seeks to counterbalance its bad investments. The number one in music streaming could therefore push its users a little more to adopt the Premium subscription when they are used to using the free part of the application (financed by advertisements).

As DigitalTrends reports, “Some Spotify Free users recently noticed that they were no longer able to see lyrics in the app ». In place of this text, appearing at the bottom of the screen, a message encourages “enjoy the lyrics on Premium”, with a link to the subscription page.

Although we have not been able to attest for ourselves, the lyrics are still displayed on the free tier, Spotify has confirmed the information, specifying that this is a test carried out on a limited number of users only. If the incentive to go Premium is conclusive, the function could then be permanently reserved for paid subscriptions. Conversely, the Swedish company does not refrain from backtracking in case the news is poorly received by its community.

Very tough competition

Although still well positioned, Spotify has lost its hegemony in the music streaming services market. It finds itself particularly threatened by Apple Music which benefits from the aura of the apple brand and its many fans. Furthermore, although still negligible, YouTube Music is full of new features recently and is offered in YouTube Premium subscriptions allowing you to remove advertisements from the VOD platform. One of the recent features added to YT Music is none other than… live lyrics tracking during the song.

To stand out, Spotify tried to launch massively into the podcast market, with large-scale investments, going so far as to sign exclusive contracts with Kim Kardashian, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and even the Obama family. The Wall Street Journal nevertheless revealed this week that the bet did not prove profitable, quite the contrary.

Spotify will therefore have to find other ways to replenish its coffers and the simplest way is generally to get the money where it is: in the pockets of its subscribers.

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