Ceny Spotify idą w górę. Tylko czekać na maila

Spotify raises prices for services. He doesn't change just one plan

Spotify, one of the world's most popular music and podcast listening platforms, today announced price increases for its plans. The changes affect all packages except one.

Spotify has been planning to increase prices since April

As Bloomberg reported in April, the Spotify platform was preparing to raise prices for its services in at least 5 countries. At that time, there was talk of increases of 1-2 dollars, but in the end it is even worse in the case of the first market. The choice was made first of all to the United States.

Higher fees from July

Spotify posted a blog post and sent emails to existing subscribers today informing them about the fee increase starting in July. In the US, the company only spared students, who can still use the service for $5.99. The remaining plans are now $1 to $3 more expensive. Americans will pay $11.99 for an individual account (an increase of $1), $16.99 for a Duo account for two people (an increase of $2), and a family account for as much as $19.99, which means a price increase of $3.

The tariff plans themselves have not changed – customers will still get exactly the same, just with a higher fee.

Who will be next? Probably not Poland

According to Bloomberg's information from April, which is now gradually coming to fruition, the list of countries to increase prices also includes, among others: Australia and Great Britain. So it looks like price changes in English countries in the first hand. In Poland, the risk of price increases is lower, among other reasons Tidal's aggressive fight for Poles. This music provider, instead of increasing prices, has made its packages more affordable even more affordable.

Current Spotify prices for Poles is PLN 23.99 for the individual plan, PLN 30.99 for the Duo plan for 2 people, PLN 37.99 for the Family plan (6 Premium accounts) and PLN 12.99 per month for the verified Student account. For comparison Tidal for one person is PLN 21.99a family account for 6 users costs PLN 34.99, and a student account is only PLN 9.99. What's worth adding is that Tidal offers incomparably higher sound quality than Spotify, Dolby Atmos support and high-resolution, mastered FLAC recordings.

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