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soon a formidable function to correct its errors

The latest beta of Google’s virtual keyboard, Gboard, has a backspace function, much like the Ctrl+Z command on Windows.

Do you use the Google Gboard virtual keyboard and you complain about the wrong manipulations you sometimes do there? Google has a solution for you. On the latest beta of its keyboard, the firm has deployed a novelty allowing you to quickly undo the last action(s) on your part.

Installed in the functions menu, accessible from the key at the top left of the keyboard, this new feature is only visible on the beta after having activated the hidden command (hidden flag) “undo_access_point”. A manipulation that will of course no longer be necessary when Google deploys this option on a large scale, on the final version of its Gboard.

A handy novelty for correcting errors on the fly

Be that as it may, this backspace feature is very reminiscent of the famous “Ctrl+Z” or “Command+Z” shortcuts of Windows and macOS, precisely allowing you to undo a previous action with a single press. ‘user. In the case of the Gboard, and as mentioned above, you will nevertheless have to go through a sub-menu… which fortunately remains easy to access. The video below shows how this new feature tested by Google should work.

Source: Google_nws via Telegram

In detail, once the functions menu is opened, the backspace command can be installed on the first row of icons. Clicking on it will have the effect of canceling the last action in the entry bar, but also of returning immediately to the keyboard so as not to waste time. On Telegram, we also learn that this novelty allows you to cancel both the deletion of part or all of a word, as well as the selection of one of the keyboard options..

Another important information: the keyboard remembers the entire history of the current text field, and can therefore undo actions up to the initially empty line. Undoing the last action is therefore possible, in the same way as the previous actions since the beginning of the entry.

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