Sony A9 III - pierwsze wrażenia

Sony proves that cameras still make sense

Traditional cameras are said to be dying out… but are they really? The Sony A9 III is the best proof that there is still a place for it on the market.

Traditional photography is said to be dying. According to the organization's data CUNT over the last dozen or so years the number of cameras sold annually decreased from over 120 to less than 8 million. And it's no wonder – smartphones nowadays offer phenomenal photo quality and at the same time boast comfortable, child's play operation. In most situations, they are not only as good, but even better than a dedicated camera.

Sony A9 III – a camera for the chosen few?

Yet there are also scenarios where a smartphone is not enough. He stood with them in mind Sony A9 III, the latest professional mirrorless camera from a Japanese manufacturer. Although the official premiere of the device took place at the end of last year, it has only recently been officially available for sale. On this occasion, Sony organized a special show, during which I had the opportunity to check the camera in action.

Sony A9 III - first impressions

Even after such a short contact, one conclusion comes to mind: Sony A9 III is not the Messiah of the industry. This is not a device that will reverse the terrible trends in sales statistics. But that's not the point – the manufacturer does not try to make equipment for everyone, only a tool tailored to the needs of professionals. I would even say that a narrow group of professionals.

Sony A9 III - first impressions

Sony A9 III is a revolutionary camera. This is the first Beluster ship equipped with global snapshot. This means that the data from the matrix is ​​not read sequentially, line by line, only the entire image is saved at the same time. Thanks to this, it worked eliminate distortions, which traditionally appear in dynamic shots, e.g. during sports photography and filming. This seemingly small change is an absolute breakthrough on a technological level, but I don't think it makes a difference, I shoot, 95 percent of photographers. It's a revolution that only a handful of users will appreciate – but those few are willing to pay dearly for it.

Sony A9 III - first impressions

One may get the impression that this approach guided the entire design of the Sony A9 III. It's an ergonomic camera, but definitely not easy to use. In addition to the global snapshot, users can enjoy benefits extremely efficient autofocus system with a set of modes intended, among others, for photography of animals, insects and planes, perfect full frame CMOS matrix with a resolution of 24.6 MPix or built-in matrix stabilization with an efficiency of up to 8 eV. The opportunity to take photos in the city is also very impressive burst mode at up to 120 fps. and with full autofocus. All this seems quite obvious, but there are also more niche solutions, such as: additional microphone for recording voice notes, a full-size HDMI connector or the function of sending photos directly to an FTP server.

Sony A9 III - first impressions

The Sony A9 III is not a camera for amateurs who are trying to take their first steps after switching from a phone. The multitude of available functions could in such a situation turn out to be a barrier difficult to overcome, and the body itself would not have a chance to spread its wings. In fact, although I have been involved in photography for several years, a two-hour session with the Sony flagship turned out to be definitely too short to fully experience the possibilities offered by the Sony flagship. It just doesn't matter – this is not a camera for amateurs or even semi-professional photographers like me. This is a specialized tool for photojournalists working in extreme conditions, requiring equally extreme equipment.

The high price of revolution (literally)

It seems that the Sony A9 III signals quite well the direction in which the photography industry is heading. The camera is no longer a gadget for everyone, and we increasingly see it as a tool for professionals. Unfortunately, this comes at a price, quite literally. In the case of Sony A9 III it is PLN 31,999 for the body itself.

Sample photos were taken during a press show organized by the manufacturer. JPG files straight from the camera, without modification.

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