Sony ULT Field 1

Sony presents ULT Power Sound. See if it's something for you

Japanese Sony stated that customers receive too little bass. So instead of developing the XB sub-brand, he created a completely new ULT Power Sound and from what he says, it will be very loud this year.

ULT POWER SOUND – for those who crave bass

Although certain analogies to the XB, i.e. EXTRA BASS series, are obvious, the Japanese separate their new products from this series with a thick line. This is not a successor to the series, it is something completely new – they argue.

They create the ULT POWER SOUND series for this one three speakers for a whileULT TOWER 10, ULT FIELD 7 and ULT FIELD 1 — and ULT WEAR wireless headphones. However, the breaks in the numbering clearly suggest that the portfolio will expand quickly. All models are equipped with an ULT button, which allows you to enrich the sound with one or two additional sound modes.

Sony ULT Tower 10

ULT POWER SOUND has a special button for depressing bass

Button ULT allows you to choose two sound modes with enhanced bass. ULT1 mode adds powerful resonant depth to music by enhancing lower frequencies and powerful bass in mode ULT2 increases the sound pressure, adding even more energy, volume and power to the music. They are designed so that music lovers can feel like they are in the front row of the auditorium.

ULT TOWER 10 is the largest Bluetooth speaker in Sony's offer

A powerful loudspeaker with omnidirectional speakers, a large subwoofer, lighting effects and even a karaoke microphone. In a word, ULT TOWER 10 is an uncompromising party beast that will create a musical earthquake in your home or garden.. The speaker can also be connected to a TV to enhance the picture with more powerful sound.

What's more, even the speaker detects noises in the environment to effectively drown them out. You can not only connect the included wireless microphone to it, but also a second microphone or use the speaker as an amplifier for a connected guitar. And if that's still not enough, thanks to the Party Connect application we can connect with each other up to 100 compatible speakers and synchronize music and lighting at our party.

Sony ULT Tower 10 is a great speaker

The price for this colossus is huge, as much as PLN 5,500, but it's worth coming to Sony and listening to how it plays. Suffice it to say that during a closed presentation, the company obtained special permission to show us such loud music.

ULT FIELD 7 – shake your head JBL Xtreme, there is a “new king in the field”

ULT FIELD 7 is a rechargeable (30 hours of operation) party loudspeaker, for effectively drowning out noise in the field with powerful sound. And here you can connect an optional microphone, just like in the case of our bigger brother ULT1 modewhich provides deeper, lower frequency bass and ULT2 allowing you to experience strong, dynamic bass. What is worth adding, both of these modes do not destroy the sound purity and do not cause unpleasant artifacts or “wheezing”. It's the kind of bass we were looking for when we were young, but it simply wasn't available in consumer solutions.

Sony ULT Field 7 is a formidable competitor to JBL

As befits mobile equipment, the housing is resistant to water and dust (IP67), including even sea water, and there is room for LED accents around the bass speaker membranes, which will add splendor to a house party or a bonfire. They make transportation easier comfortable handles (shoulder strap included), and for uninterrupted partying fast charging – 10 minutes of charging and the speaker plays for another 3 hours.

Sony ULT Field 7 has a very attractive design

And here we can connect it to a speaker, karaoke microphones or a guitar, we can even adjust the sound so that our vocal abilities, well… are some. The equipment is compatible with the Party Connect application, so it can be one of up to 100 speakers playing the same thing at our party.

The price of Sony ULT FIELD 7 is approximately PLN 1,900so very competitive in relation to the above-mentioned JBL Xtreme.

ULT FIELD 1 – strong baby for 6 hundred

ULT FIELD 1 is the smallest in the family, but that doesn't mean it's defective. And here we get a convenient transport strap, and the battery used provides up to 12 hours of work. The speaker can play without choking both horizontally and vertically positionedwhich is not so obvious among competitors.

Sony ULT Field 1 encourages with its sound and price

FIELD 1 has built-in microphone for conversations, so it can also work as a speakerphone, with a noise reduction system. The housing is water, dust, shock and seawater resistant – so we can use the loudspeaker in virtually any conditions. This model has a single mode ULT POWER SOUND enhancing the bass, but there was no compatibility with Party Connect, a technology reserved for higher models of this series. The manufacturer focused on a large palette of colors – suited to various styles and tastes. You have a version to choose from black, white, orange or forest gray.

Sony ULT Field 1 is available in many colors

Suggested the price is approximately PLN 600but distributors may use various types of promotions at their discretion.

ULT WEAR – headphones for bassophiles

ULT WEAR are headphones with a foldable headband that, when placed in the included case, are slim and light enough to take with you wherever you travel. Objective? You should be able to feel the atmosphere of your favorite festival or club anywhere and anytime. The modes are intended to provide these impressions ULT POWER SOUND. ULT1 adds deep, low frequencies, ULT2 further enhances them.

Sony ULT Wear are very light headphones

In addition, the manufacturer used here V1 chipset, known from the 1000X series headphones, and acoustic transducers intended for the ULT POWER SOUND series. As a result we get noise reduction at the level of WH-1000XM3 and an even more V-like, party sound.

Sony ULT Wear - the power of bass and total background noise

I've been testing these headphones for a week and the ANC actually works. The soft earmuffs alone provide good isolation from the surroundings, but in combination with ANC you have to be careful not to miss the train station (it's so easy to isolate yourself 100%) or a meal on the plane.

Sony ULT Wear have a classic, universal design

When the headphones are removed, the built-in sensor pauses playback until they are put back on, and additional convenience in everyday use is support for two Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

The launch price of the headphones will be: approximately PLN 900. However, their availability in Poland is scheduled for April, just like the rest of the devices from the ULT POWER SOUND series.

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