Sony PlayStation 5 Pro z szybszym układem graficznym

Sony PlayStation 5 Pro with a faster graphics chip

New information about Sony PlayStation 5 Pro has appeared on the Internet. It seems that the Japanese console will be even better than expected.

Console Sony PlayStation 5 debuted on the market in November 2020. Four years is a long time in the world of new technologies, so many people are already waiting for the refreshed variant. We know the Japanese are working on it “The Trinity Project”which is supposed to be a console Sony PlayStation 5 Pro.

Sony PlayStation 5 Pro should offer up to 36 TFLOPS

Although Sony does not reveal any details, new leaks appear on the Internet all the time. The latest comes from a podcast by the DigitalFoundry channel, which bases its revelations on information available on Sony's closed portal for game developers.

Sony PlayStation 5 Pro has at its disposal more powerful GPU. It's not just about changing the architecture from AMD RDNA2 to RDNA3but also more execution units – 60 instead of 36 CU. All this with a slightly higher maximum clock of 2.35 GHz instead of 2.23 GHz.

Sony PlayStation 5 Pro with a faster graphics chip

DigitalFoundry also pays attention to larger cache graphics system. In the case of Cache GL1 it is 256 KB, and Cache GLOV is 32 KB. And so twice as much as in the original. While it may not seem like much, it should significantly impact ray tracing performance.

Sony PlayStation 5 Pro with a faster graphics chip

Though release date Sony PlayStation 5 Pro has not been specified, previous information indicates this November 2024. This would coincide with previous debuts and allow get ready for the pre-Christmas periodwhere many people buy new consoles for themselves, their partners or children.

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