Sony wszczyna dochodzenie. Chodzi o PlayStation 5 Pro

Sony launches an investigation. It's about PlayStation 5 Pro

The Japanese clearly don't like the fact that everyone knows detailed information about their new console. Sony begins an investigation to determine the source of the leak.

A lot of information has appeared on the subject in recent days Sony. We not only learned that the Japanese are planning to stop producing one of their devices, but we also learned the detailed specifications and capabilities of the new console, i.e. the PlayStation 5 Pro.

Sony PlayStation 5 Pro should appear in November

Rumors about what the refreshed Japanese hardware will offer have appeared for a long time, after all, the original PlayStation 5 debuted at the end of 2020. But the veracity of the latest information is confirmed by many proven industry sourcesincluding Sony itself.

Journalist Tom Henderson revealed that Sony has launched an internal investigation into the leak data on Project Trinity (PS5 Pro). The likely source is one of the smaller game development studioswhich received the specs and development kit in the last wave.

Sony launches an investigation.  It's about PlayStation 5 Pro

The chances of determining which studio specifically shared information under the NDA are slim. But Sony will likely limit the number of independent developers who have access to development kits in the future. They will be reserved mainly for large, proven studios.

Players have no choice but to be patient. The expected release date of Sony PlayStation 5 Pro is November this year. The performance jump will mainly concern the GPU. We are talking about better support for ray tracing, but also its own image scaling technology (equivalent to Intel XeSS/NVIDIA DLSS).

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