Sony pracuje nad PlayStation Vita 2. Ma współpracować z PS6

Sony is working on PlayStation Vita 2. It is supposed to work with PS6

Sony is not giving up on the portable console market. The Japanese are to work on PlayStation Vita 2, which is to be closely related to PlayStation 6.

Famous YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead revealed not only the probable specifications of PlayStation 5 Pro, but also claims that Sony is working on PlayStation Vita 2. The portable console is to belong to the PS6 family, which means that the premiere – if it takes place at all, because it is not 100 percent. certain – it will take place in a few years.

PlayStation Vita 2

First of all, the name PlayStation Vita 2 is conventional. It is not known whether the console will be created at all, and if so, what its name will be. According to the YouTuber’s sources, design work is already underway on the device. Sony was to contact AMD about creating a dedicated SoC that would allow gaming in satisfactory quality.

The specification of the device is not known, but it is possible to use graphics with 18 CU units and a clock speed of 1.8 GHz. Thanks to this, Vita 2 would support all PlayStation 5 games, but it would require adapting each production through an appropriate update. The device will also support PlayStation 4 titles.

The games would run at a lower resolution and lower quality, but they would be run natively on the device, not streamed as in the case of PlayStation Portal (although cloud gaming will likely also be an option).

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