Sony is about to launch two tiny cameras with very large sensors

According to information from the ITHome site, Sony will unveil two new cameras for its Alpha 7C range at the end of the month: the Sony A7C II and the Sony A7C R.

Three years after the launch of its small-format full-frame camera, Sony could launch a new generation this month to succeed the Alpha 7C. Why talk about a new generation, and not a single device? Because, according to information from the Chinese site IT Homethe Japanese manufacturer is preparing to launch two new boxes: the Sony A7C II and the Sony A7C R.

Logically, the Sony A7C II would take over from the first Sony Alpha A7C and would be largely inspired by the Sony A7 IV, Sony’s versatile camera, launched at the end of 2021. It would also retain the same 33-megapixel photo sensor. of the Alpha 7 IV and probably the same overall specs, but in a smaller package. This is the whole point of the Alpha 7C range from Sony, since these devices resume, a few years after their launch, characteristics close to the large models, but in a smaller size and with an electronic viewfinder of a little lower quality. What suppose that in terms of video formats or features, the Sony A7C II will resume the same functions as the Sony A7 IV.

IT Home also indicates that the device will be able to benefit from a stabilization on five axes and an autonomy of 740 photos with the LCD screen – or 680 with the Oled viewfinder.

A Sony A7C R of 61 million pixels

On the other hand, the Sony A7C R would be a newcomer to Sony’s range. Like the manufacturer’s other “R” stamped boxes, it would focus above all on photo performance with an ultra-defined 61-megapixel sensor, as on the Sony A7R V, while retaining the compact format of the first A7C.

The Sony A7R V

According IT Home, the boxes would also be contained in a rather compact size of 124 x 71 x 60 mm, for a weight of 509 grams – for comparison, the Sony A7R V displays 723 grams on the scale. Despite these small case formats, which could bring the A7C II and A7C R closer to the Sony A6700 in APS-C format, these would indeed be devices equipped with sensors in the full frame format of 24 x 36 mm, such as the other models in the Alpha 7 range.

According to the information from ITHome, both cameras could launch as soon as the end of the month, with an announcement due on August 29, alongside a new 16-35mm GM II lens. Information that seems to corroborate the site SonyAlphaRumors according to which the A7C II has a 95% chance of being announced, the Sony A7C R 90%, and the wide-angle zoom lens 85%.

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