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Helmet gamer Sony Inzone H5 takes the place of the Inzone H7 within the Japanese manufacturer’s range. It is positioned as a complete, multi-platform wireless gaming headset and will therefore be suitable for both PC and PlayStation gamers. Quasi-twin of the H7, this new model abandons Bluetooth, but now includes a jack connector, for analog use.

With a few minor developments in terms of its construction, the H5 gains precious grams on the scale and turns out to be particularly light (260 g). It is inserted between the H9, very high-end, and the H3, entry-level wired model. The removal of certain attributes of the H7 also has a beneficial effect on the price of this new reference since the Inzone H5 is offered at the recommended price of 150 euros.

Sony Inzone H5 Technical sheet

Model Sony Inzone H5

Wireless PC headset

Removable battery




Active noise reduction


Autonomy announced

28 hours

Connector type

USB Type-C



Product sheet

This test was carried out using a product lent by the brand.

Sony Inzone H5 A lightweight, well-built helmet

Even before being screwed onto the skull, the Inzone H5 helmet is surprising with its weight. With only 260 g on the scale, Sony’s new reference is almost 70 g lighter than the H7 that we tested. Without being THE lightest, the H5 remains one of the lightest models in its segment, and this promises appreciable comfort for long gaming sessions, snugly tucked into the back of your sofa.

Especially since Sony seems to have retained the good design ideas that make the strength of the Inzone range (and more generally of the manufacturer’s range of headphones). Giving pride of place to plastic, the H5 does not fall into the usual flaws and looks like anything but a toy. We are testing it here in an all-black livery, but it is also available with the two-tone “PlayStation” shades.

Sony Inzone H5

The headband accommodates in its center a generous, perfectly integrated memory foam. The whole thing is also particularly flexible and will easily adapt to everyone’s body shape. First downside: the amplitude adjustment system has been modified and is now perfectly free. There are therefore no longer any notches to “lock” the position, and the latter therefore tends to change slightly with each manipulation.

Sony Inzone H5

If we have to find a real difference with the H7, the new design of the earcup supports is probably the most obvious. Sony moves away from the WH-1000XM5 here and returns to a more classic fork construction. Ergonomics is nevertheless not affected since the assembly still allows adjustment on both axes as well as a 90° pivot to place the helmet comfortably around the neck.

Sony Inzone H5

All these elements provide an excellent feeling of comfort and the Inzone H5 is pleasant to wear, even for several hours. The excellent memory foam that equips the earcups also has a lot to do with it, thanks to its generous padding and its fabric covering. From a purely “comfort” aspect, the Inzone H5 is a success.

Sony Inzone H5

All round, the earcups accommodate different buttons which allow you to control the operation of the headset. The right earpiece only accommodates the power button, which is accompanied by a double button acting on the game/voice chat balance. On the left, the button dedicated to Bluetooth disappears (as does the associated link) and only the prominent volume adjustment wheel is present. The latter, by its design, is still not very convenient to use and also resonates enormously in the earpieces when handled.

Sony does not seem to have revised its copy concerning the integrated microphone. Taking the form of a long pivoting pole, it benefits from a practical and functional shape memory design. It still includes the function flip all mutewhich automatically cuts off capture when it is folded upwards.

Sony Inzone H5 No more Bluetooth and reduced autonomy

The autonomy announced by Sony is relatively correct with around thirty hours away from a power outlet. Without being exceptional, this autonomy allows a correct freedom, especially since the H5 headphones have fast charging allowing you to get three hours of listening time with ten minutes of charging. Add to this that the headset can also be used wired, thanks to its jack connector.

Sony Inzone H5

Very logically, it is the wireless connection which will be favored on a daily basis. This is ensured by a dongle Relatively classic USB A with a switch to switch between PC and PlayStation. During our tests, the 2.4 GHz connection showed no signs of weakness and, while not suffering from any interruptions, allows the headset to be used several meters from the console, or even in another room.

Sony Inzone H5 A sound rendering that lacks pep

The sound performance of the Inzone H5 is similar to that of the H7 with a relatively flat rendering, which lacks a little punch on the bottom of the spectrum and with a slight emphasis on high frequencies. On a purely musical aspect, this new model therefore lacks warmth, but offers a clean and well-defined rendering, which allows us to understand all the aspects of our favorite pieces. As with the H7, a quick turn to the equalizer allows us to adjust the rendering to our preferences without too much difficulty.

Sony Inzone H5

With its default settings, the soundstage lacks a little space, but activating spatialization (available on PC and PlayStation) helps to correct the situation. We then benefit from excellent immersion and fully immerse ourselves in the sound ambiance ofAssassin’s Creed Mirage Or Horizon Forbidden West. On this point, the H5 does well with controlled audio processing that does not distort the sounds.

Sony Inzone H5

Sony has also made efforts on the integrated microphone. The H7 was equipped with a frankly average microphone which seems to have been replaced here by a much more efficient capsule. Voice is captured much clearer and with much more presence. The noise reduction is also very good and benefits from a noise gate very effective which avoids capturing surrounding noise.

Sony Inzone H5 An interesting software suite on PC

On PC, the Inzone H5 headset is compatible with the Inzone Hub driver. This hasn’t really evolved since our first contact a few months ago. The brand-colored interface allows you to adjust the headset settings in a few clicks, firstly with a ten-band equalizer as well as a dedicated spatial sound control.

The personalization of the spatial rendering is still present and is carried out, as a reminder, using a dedicated mobile application which analyzes the shape of the ears. We finally find here the same “artifices” as the helmets of the XM range.

If you have dedicated buttons directly on the headset, the balance between the main audio output and the “chat” output can also be adjusted from the application. Finally, other settings are accessible from a secondary menu with the possibility of turning off the headset automatically in case of inactivity.

All the settings mentioned above can then be associated with a game or an application using profiles. Similar to what is found in all major brands in the sector, this functionality allows automatic adjustment of parameters according to needs.

Sony Inzone H5 Price and availability of the Sony Inzone H5 headphones

The Sony Inzone H5 headset is available at the recommended price of 150 euros.

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