Sony ma 3 nowe telewizory Bravia. Przydadzą się w domowym kinie

Sony has new Bravia TVs. They will be useful in home cinema

Sony has unveiled three new Bravia TV models. Thanks to high brightness, rich color range and clearly visible details in dark parts of the image, they should work perfectly in home cinema.

Business Sony strengthens the brand Bravia as a symbol of the best home cinema experience. They are supposed to be a manifestation of this three new TV models, Bravia 7 (Mini LED), Bravia 8 (OLED) and the flagship series Bravia 9 (Mini LED). This last one stands out high peak luminance, deep black, the highest contrast and natural colors. With the addition of any of Bravia Theater's new home audio products, users will be able to feel like they're in a movie theater.

Sony has played a key role in the design and development of professional film production equipment, as well as the production and distribution of films for decades. During this time, she gained unparalleled experience that she can now use in pioneering Bravia TVs and Bravia Theater home audio devices. We're excited to introduce new Bravia TVs and Bravia Theater home audio products that bring exciting new features to the next level of home movie viewing.

– said Yoshihiro Ono, director of the Home Entertainment unit at Sony Corporation

Sony Bravia 9 screen

New Sony Bravia TVs

In the new Sony Bravia TVs we can count on:

Sony's XR Processor is equipped with a scene recognition system. It precisely detects data, analyzes it, and then optimizes the image to give it maximum realism and reproduce the intention of the filmmakers.

  • XR Backlight Master Drive

XR Backlight Master Drive technology works similarly to the backlight control technology found in Sony professional monitors used by filmmakers. A special local dimming algorithm precisely controls thousands of LEDs to give the image realistic contrast and ensure that details in dark areas are visible.

  • High peak luminance

Let's imagine a sun-drenched, snowy mountain landscape. These TVs feature unprecedented image brightness, so they faithfully reproduce natural scenery in detail even in the brightest daylight.

  • X-Anti Reflection technology and X-Wide Angle panel

X-Anti Reflection technology reduces glare caused by the sun or lamp. As a result, the image becomes clearer and shows pure black. Thanks to the X-Wide Angle panel, the image seen from an angle looks as beautiful as from the front.

New Bravia 9 TVs with Acoustic Multi-Audio+ technology deliver cinematic surround sound with side-frame tweeters and, for the world's first, a linear tweeter unit at the top of the frame. As a result, every sound comes from the right place.

The new voice enhancement feature of Voice Zoom 3 uses artificial intelligence algorithms to recognize dialogues and increases or decreases their volume so that even quiet conversations are clearly audible and clear. Works great with Bravia Theater home audio products.

Sony Bravia voice zoom

Acoustic Center Sync technology integrates an audio source, such as a soundbar, with the TV. The result is a cinematic setup where the sound exactly matches the action on screen. The cinema hall's sound system includes speakers placed directly behind the screen. The sound emitted from them penetrates through numerous holes in the screen, thanks to which dialogues and sounds coincide with the image on the screen and come from the right place. When a Bravia TV is connected to a Bravia Theater product, Acoustic Center Sync technology merges the sound from the TV speakers and soundbar, so the sound appears to be coming directly from the screen, just like in a movie theater.

Sony Bravia TVs are equipped with Studio Calibrated modes, which allow you to display images at home that faithfully reflect the creators' intentions. To the previously entered settings Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode and Sony Pictures Core Calibrated Mode new mode added Prime Video Calibrated Mode. This gives users more opportunities to watch the best movies as the creators imagined them.

Bravia TVs and Bravia Theater home audio products are compatible with IMAX Enhanced content. They officially meet the stringent requirements of IMAX and DTS and guarantee the best experience for viewers of IMAX films from the Sony Pictures Core platform and selected titles from the Disney+ offer. Owners of Bravia TVs and Bravia Theater home audio products can watch movies with IMAX optimized picture and sound in IMAX Enhanced mode, which includes IMAX Enhanced sound in the DTS:X format. Additionally, selected productions from the Crunchyroll streaming service, which mainly offers anime films, will appear on the Sony Pictures Core platform. Thanks to this, customers will have access to a number of series of this type as part of the standard streaming package.

Sony Bravia

Bravia TVs support formats Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. They provide immersive, cinematic sound for movies and series from popular streaming services such as Disney+, Prime Video and Netflix.

Less energy consumption

To make the most of the panel's properties Mini LEDused in Bravia 9 and Bravia 7 TVs company signal processing system. It automatically optimizes each scene, giving the image high brightness with low energy consumption. In addition, it has been developed Eco Desk function, which is used to globally change the various energy saving settings on your TV. The dashboard also allows you to check the amount of energy used and suggests how to save it.

The new Sony Bravia TVs will be available for purchase in the following sizes:

  • Bravia 9: 85″ and 75″,
  • Bravia 8: 77″, 65″ and 55″,
  • Bravia 7: 85″, 75″ and 65″.

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