Anime z nową akademią

Sony has found a source of cash. “It's a powerful force”

Anime is “a powerful force driving pop culture.” And big money in the background. Sony knows this very well and is planning significant investments in this matter, including the creation of Anime Academy.

Good times are coming for anime creators

Sony wants to support talents creating anime. This noble initiative was announced as part of Sony Group Corporation's annual presentation.

The launch of the academy project aims to support anime creators on global markets, mainly through Aniplex and Crunchyroll.

– said Sony president Yoshida Kenichiro.

Anime is a huge part of Sony's business. It has many sections and types, but also great potential. Do you know “Demon Slayer”? This is nothing more than a product of Animaplex, which is a Sony Music Entertainment company.

Crunchyroll, in turn, is a streaming service and anime distributor based in the USA. His activities are related to Sony TV channels. Crunchyroll currently has approximately 13 million paying subscribers. The company has experienced tremendous growth. Therefore, there is potential and all investments in television productions are fully justified.

Sony wants to develop anime: “It's a powerful force”

Sony wants to support this genre of production in various ways. A new academy, animation production software and the use of artificial intelligence. All this will influence the development of the anime. The Crunchyroll Anime Awards reached a record 34 million users.

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