Sonos Ace to pierwsze słuchawki tej marki. Mają wszystko, czego potrzebujesz

Sonos Ace are the first headphones of this brand. They have everything you need

Sonos presented its first headphones that meet customer expectations. Sonos Ace is a high-end product with Bluetooth connectivity, surround sound and active noise cancellation. It is also a great element of home cinema, thanks to the new TrueCinema technology.

Sonos Ace these are the first headphones in the history of this American brand. The manufacturer has set a high bar for itself, resulting in a product made with the utmost attention to detail and with perfectly tuned sound. The headphones offer a number of features that go beyond standard expectations for similar devices.

  • High sound quality. Every second of your favorite song, podcast or phone call with friends should sound clear thanks to two specially designed Sonos Ace drivers that emit every sound with unparalleled precision and clarity.
  • Private home cinema. Sonos Ace was created to enjoy the surround sound of a home theater while ensuring silence for other household members. With one button you can do it in no time Transfer audio from your Arc soundbar to Sonos Ace. Detailed Dolby Atmos surround sound will then be heard in the headphones from all directions. In turn, the dynamic head tracking function will allow you to be in the middle of the action, even if you need to reach for a blanket or snacks. Available later this year new Sonos TrueCinema technology precisely maps the space and then imitates a complete surround sound system, providing an audio experience so realistic that it's easy to forget that the sound is coming from headphones.
  • Turn ambient sound on and off. Listening can be even more personalized thanks to active noise suppression (ANC). Activating Contact Mode will make the user more aware of ambient sounds when walking down a busy street or working in the office.
  • All day battery life and ultra-fast charging. You can listen to music or talk on the phone for up to 30 hours thanks to the extended operating time and energy-saving mode. Ultra-fast, 3-minute charging via the included USB-C cable provides 3 hours of battery life.

Sonos Ace spreadsheet

Users have been asking us for years to bring the audio experience from Sonos speakers to headphones. We knew that our first product in this category should be an expression of innovation and guarantee the sound experience typical of our products. Sonos Ace uses all of our knowledge accumulated over two decades. The result is stunning sound, elegant appearance and long-lasting wearing comfort. In this way, we gain one of the largest and most popular categories of audio products in the world.

– said Patrick Spence, CEO, Sonos

Sonos Ace earmuffs

Elegant and comfortable on-ear headphones

Sonos Ace headphones are designed to look as good as the sound quality. Their characteristic, slim profile aesthetically combines metal accents with an elegant matte finish. Thanks to this, this product should fit any style, regardless of changing trends.

  • Unlimited comfort. Sonos Ace is made of the highest quality lightweight materials, ensuring a loose fit to the head. The soft memory foam interior is wrapped in vegan leather, and the specially designed headband and ear cups with a hidden hinge provide excellent acoustic sealing without catching on hair.

Sonos Ace

  • Intuitive design. Wearing and storing your Sonos Ace headphones should be a breeze. Contrasting colors inside the ear cups subtly indicate how to put the headphones on, and intuitive touch buttons make them easy to use while wearing. Thanks to its flat-fold design, Sonos Ace fits perfectly into a lightweight travel case.
  • Sustainably made. Sonos Ace was built for durability and everyday use. The headphones feature replaceable ear cushions made from circular materials that use 17% less virgin plastic, and the travel case is made from 75% recycled plastic bottles. Designed to save energy, wearable detection pauses music when you take the headphones off your ears, minimizing the need for charging.

Sonos Ace black

Sonos Ace represents our ambition to create moving audio experiences that meet today's demands and expectations. This is an exciting new chapter as we begin to enter the design stage with individual listening in mind. In line with our premium philosophy, every detail of Sonos Ace has been expertly crafted, specially designed and tuned by world-class acoustic engineers to deliver a one-of-a-kind audio experience.

– said Maxime Bouvat-Merlin, Production Manager, Sonos

Availability and price

Sonos Ace headphones will go on sale worldwide from June 5, 2024. There will be two color versions to choose from – black and in warm white. In Poland, headphones will cost money PLN 2,149.

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