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So what? A car with a couchette or a hotel on wheels?

Is an autonomous car not enough for you? A German concept studio has just developed a design for a vehicle in which you can… sleep.

The team from the Xoio studio has developed a vehicle called “Swift Pod”. This vehicle, whose styling refers to science fiction classics, such as the movie Tron it contains many interesting solutions. And as it happens with projects, paper will accept everything. So get to know a car with a couchette.

Bedroom, minibar and reasonable speed

The main element designed by the creators of Swift Pod is, of course a large sleeping capsule where you can take a nap while traveling. However, if during the trip you are awakened by a hunger not so much for adventures as the ordinary one, straight from our stomach, then The equipment will include snacks and drinks. All this in a vehicle that can travel long distances must move at a “reasonable speed” – declare the creators.

Sleeping car - project

The inspiration for the project was, among others, night trains – explains the Xoio studio in a post on its blog. The vehicle has a futuristic, triangular shape to highlight how little is needed to achieve a sustainable mode of transport over long distances. During the journey, passengers can sit upright or lie down on the bed. In case of boredom There is also a multimedia system available.

Sleeping car - project

And how could this vehicle function? According to the creators passengers could order a vehicle online, entering your desired destination and time. Then the navigation system would autonomously calculate the required speed to reach the desired destination on time. However, if you do not need to rush, the vehicle would offer possibility of planning stops for breaks. However, since it is only a concept, the questions “who will build it and put it into operation” are rather rhetorical today.

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