Mały, cichy i wydajny. Thermalright ma nowego asasyna

Small, quiet and efficient. Thermalright has a new Assassin

If you are building a small computer kit and are looking for an inexpensive CPU cooler, Thermalright has something for you. The Taiwanese showed a new, smaller model.

We get new processors almost every year from both AMDWhat Intel. Each subsequent generation offers even more cores and threads and higher clock speeds. This translates into a significant increase in performance in games and programs, but often also higher power consumption, and therefore higher temperatures.

The new cooling will fit into small housings

Therefore, in the case of CPUs from the low and high price segments, it has become almost necessary to use cooling systems from third parties. Fortunately, there is plenty to choose from in stores, a Thermalright has decided to release a smaller version of its highly appreciated model.

Thermalright Peerless Assassin 120 Mini is a dual-tower CPU cooler with dimensions of 135 x 125 x 110 millimeters and a weight of 820 grams. We will find it here six 6 mm heat pipescopper and nickel-plated base and one 120-mm fan.

Small, quiet and efficient.  Thermalright has a new Assassin

This is a speed unit up to 1500 RPMat efficiency up to 66.87 CFMpressure up to 1.53 mmH2ABOUT and volume up to 25.6 dB(A). Newer and older processors using the AMD AM5 and AM4 socket and Intel LGA 1700, 1200, 115x, 2011(-v3) and 2066 are supported. The manufacturer does not reveal the maximum TDP.

Small, quiet and efficient.  Thermalright has a new Assassin

The Thermalright Peerless Assassin 120 Mini will go on sale in the coming weeks, a There will be a black and white color version to choose from. The suggested price in Poland remains unknown, but looking at the prices of the larger model it should be assumed around PLN 189-219.

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