Skoda slashes the price of its electric cars

After the launch of version 50 of its Enyaq, Skoda decided to review the prices of the 80 variant, with a drop of nearly 15,000 euros. A way to compete with Tesla and its Model Y, with now very similar prices, and greater autonomy!

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If Tesla was still on the verge of bankruptcy a few years ago, the firm has been able to recover and regain the hair of the beast. Today, everything seems to be going well, while it remains the world number 1 in electric car sales. A success that obviously arouses the greed of other brands, determined not to let it go.

A new positioning

This is particularly the case of Skoda, integrated into the Volkswagen group whose future is at stake, which also intends to have the right to its small piece of the cake. The firm has been offering its Enyaq since 2020, the first electric car since the Citigo, which has now left the catalog. The latter hunts without surprises directly on the lands of the Tesla Model Y, which remains the zero-emission model (exhaust) the most sold in Europe. But the Czech firm has not said its last word.

A few months ago, she lifted the veil on the 50 version of her electric SUV, displayed from 39,990 euros. A more affordable price that allows the latter to be eligible for the ecological bonus. But the manufacturer wants to go even further. In a press release just published on its site, the latter indeed announces a small reorganization of its range, and in particular of its 80 version, located under the RS variant.

The latter had until now displayed a high price, which did not allow it to be able to claim the ecological bonus. But that has just changed! Indeed, the electric SUV is reviewing its prices and is now starting from 46,990 euro in this version, with its standard body and in coupé version.

An amount which was not chosen at random, but which allows him to take advantage of little of the boost from the government, allowing the final price to pass to 41,990 euros. A few days ago, the electric car was sold for 53,190 euros in the classic version and 55,460 euros in the coupé version! That is a respective decrease of 11,200 euros and 13,470 euros! Be careful, however, since these new prices are not yet listed on the brand’s website.

Indeed, only cars under 47,000 euros are eligible for this aid, amounting to 5,000 euros. The most modest households can benefit from aid of up to 7,000 euros, subject to income conditions. But is there a wolf to watch out for before signing the purchase order? At first glance, it would seem not, and that Skoda is simply cutting back on its marginin order to hope to compete with Tesla.

An enriched endowment

This 80 variant, which is one of the best equipped in the range, benefits from a generous endowment, since it is delivered as standard with thehas automatic climate control, keyless start or Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wirelessly. But the manufacturer has decided to go a little further. The latter therefore adds more metallic paint and the Pack Plus.

The latter integrates, among other things, the blind spot detector, semi-autonomous driving level 2 Travel Assist as well as adaptive cruise control and LED lights. Tri-zone air conditioning is also now part of the equipment, as well as the heated steering wheel and the motorized trunk with hands-free opening. The Coupé version also comes standard with the panoramic roof.

On the other hand, nothing changes under the hood of the electric SUV. The latter is still equipped with the 204 horsepower engine, associated with a battery of 77 kWh net. This allows the Enyaq to travel up to 543 kilometers on a single charge, according to the WLTP cycle. Charging is done in a little over half an hour on a fast terminal, at a maximum power of 135 kW. The manufacturer recalls that the trunk displays a volume of up to 585 liters for the standard version.

It remains to be seen whether this price drop will encourage motorists to choose this Enyaq, while the Tesla Model Y is displayed from 45,990 euro, with a range of 455 WLTP kilometers in its Propulsion version. Especially since other manufacturers have also decided to review their price list, such as Ford with its Mustang Mach-E or Peugeot with its e-308 currently sold off. But with this new price, the Skoda Enyaq becomes very interesting.

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