Skoda finally signs the big return of “real” buttons in its cars

Skoda has just lifted the veil on the interior of its next Kodiaq and Superb and announces the return of physical buttons. Very good news, which follows Volkswagen’s decision to remove the touch keys.

There will be something new at Volkswagen, and especially at Skoda! The manufacturer, which currently markets only one electric model, namely the Enyaq, is currently working on launching new cars in its range. If they will not be electric, they will however deeply develop their driving position.

Back to basics

Currently, the trend among manufacturers is to get rid of most physical pimples, in order to replace them with touch controls considered more elegant. The latter also make it possible to streamline the driving position, while some brands now group most of the functions directly into the touch screen.

This is for example the case of Peugeot or Volkswagen, but not only. We also think of Skoda, which has only retained a few rare buttons in the cabin of its Enyaq, whose essay you can read on Survoltés. Certainly, it looks more modern, but it is not necessarily very practical. In fact, a recent Swedish study even proves that physical buttons are safer for driving.

Is too much technology killing technology? Perhaps, while the former Apple designer explained last year that the touch screens in our cars were harmful and that a return to “real” controls would be beneficial. The message seems to have been well received at Skoda, which has just revealed the design of the driving position of its future Kodiaq and Superbwhich should see the light of day over the next year.

The latter is intended to be much more practical and therefore signs the return of “old-fashioned” physical buttons. But be careful, because these are in fact a concentrate of technology. It will in fact be possible to assign several functions to the central key by pressing it. This will be visible on a small digital display. A solution already adopted by certain manufacturers such as Land Rover.

Simply Clever

In total, four different functions can be assigned to the middle button, including air direction, music volume, driving modes or map magnification. The other two will be used to control the temperature as well as the ventilation and heating of the seats, as specified in the communicated of the manufacturer. Note also the absence of touch buttons on the steering wheel, as at Volkswagen, which admits that this solution is not practical.

The new Skoda Superb and Kodiaq will also be equipped witha new 10.25-inch digital handset taking advantage of a revised design. It will be associated with a large 12.9-inch touchscreen, probably still integrating Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The driver and his passenger will also be able to take advantage of a 15-watt smartphone induction charger and four USB-C sockets.

To note that the seats will be massaging, heated and ventilated, and that the SUV and sedan will use sustainable materials with 100% recycled polyester. The leather will be tanned using an ecological process using coffee beans. Finally, we will also find the Simply Clever tips, such as the umbrella in the driver’s door as well as the frost scraper in the fuel flap.

Skoda Enyaq Coupe RS

The new Kodiaq and Superb will not be available in electric right away, since they will have to be content with mild-hybrid and plug-in hybrid engines. A few weeks ago, the manufacturer changed the price list of its Enyaq with a cheaper 80 version, while last June it unveiled a new 50 version for less than 40,000 euros.

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