Zaloguj się do Google. Możesz się zdziwić

Sign in to Google. You may be surprised

Google is making a small change to its services that may surprise many users. We warn you that this is planned and this is how it is supposed to look.

Anyone who uses Google services knows what the login page looks like. Therefore, the change introduced by the American company may come as a shock to many users. The login page is changing now.

Google changes the login page

The new login page for Google services may cause a bit of confusion. Many scams pretend to be real websites, so I won’t be surprised if some people feel some discomfort when logging in. There is no reason to worry. This is what it’s supposed to look like. The change is not big, but after years of getting used to it it may be surprising.

The refreshed login page is much more ascetic and at the same time modern. Google claims that it was prepared in accordance with the Material 3 standard, which is systematically introduced in many applications and services of the American giant. Importantly, the change is purely cosmetic and does not bring any new functions.

Google new login page

You will see the new login page on both computers and mobile devices. The new solution went into effect yesterday (February 21), but full implementation will take several weeks, so you may still see the old login screen for some time.

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