Shein rusza w Europie z nową platformą. Tego się nie spodziewasz

Shein launches a new platform in Europe. You don't expect this

The Chinese shopping platform Shein, which specializes in selling clothes, is launching a new service in Europe. For this purpose, it will launch a new website.

The Chinese platform Shein has recently been causing great controversy. In Poland, it was investigated by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, which checks whether the website does not mislead customers, including through incorrect presentation of prices. In turn, a Swiss human rights organization accuses them of abuses against employees. Despite this, Shein is developing dynamically and plans to launch a new platform in Europe.

Shein launches a new platform

Shein has decided to launch a new platform in Europe that will serve customers to resell used clothing. Her name to Shein Exchange. Importantly, it will only be possible to offer clothes that have previously been purchased on Shein. In this way, a closed loop is to be created.

We hope to provide more of our global customer community with opportunities to easily participate in the circular economy and promote the environmental benefits of purchasing used rather than new.

– said Caitrin Watson, Director of Sustainability at Shei.

The new platform will initially be launched in Germany and Great Britain, but it should later be made available in other countries. The website for selling used clothes has been operating in the United States for a year, where 4.2 million users use Shein Exchange.

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