Chciała lecieć samolotem. Okazało się, że jest za stara

She wanted to go on a plane. It turned out that she was too old

Old age, not joy – the saying goes. This is confirmed by the story of a woman who, at the age of 101, wanted to fly by plane. However, due to the airline's reservation system, she had problems at the airport.

It turns out that the story was just reported by the BBC This is not the first case in Mrs. Patricia's life. This time, a woman over 100 years old wanted to take an American Airlines flight between Chicago and Marquette, Michigan. At the airport though the staff expected her instead… a one-year-old child.

This isn't the first time

Although in the case of this particular flight described by the British media, the story ended with everyone laughing at the whole situation, as the woman admits in an interview with the BBC, this has been problematic in the past. Once, the airport staff did not arrange transportation for her inside the terminal because she was expecting a one-year-old baby. So it looks like American Airlines' system is unable to process a date older than one hundred years.

In each situation, the carrier's team was helpful, but formalities could make it difficult, for example, to disembark peacefully. Interestingly, Mrs. Patricia traveled alone until recently, i.e. until she was 97. But now, due to vision problems, he does it with his daughter. However, he does not intend to give up further trips. The next flight is already planned for autumn this year. She will be 102 years old then. Question Will the error in the system be fixed by then?

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