She lives in a Tesla Model Y with her dog and cat

We are not used to talking about miscellaneous facts about Survoltés, in any case very rarely. However, there are stories that defy the norm and capture attention. Like this story of a Canadian in the United States who made her Tesla Model Y a mobile home.

We are not used to talking about miscellaneous facts about Survoltés, in any case very rarely. But some stories are out of the ordinary and worth the detour. That of a Canadian in the United States who transformed her Tesla Model Y into a mobile home is one.

For some, living in a car is unfortunately not a choice, but a constraint. This harsh reality affects many homeless people who have to make do with the shelter that a vehicle can provide. However, for others, like this Canadian, this situation is experienced more as an adventure.

A radical change

Following a breakup, she finds herself with a Tesla Model Y SUV as her ex-boyfriend repossesses the house. Instead of returning to Canada, she makes a choice: to make her Tesla her main home. And she’s not alone; she is accompanied by two faithful companions, a dog and a cat.

Contrary to what one might imagine, she made no modifications to her vehicle. The only changes envisaged are the removal of the rear seats, useless to its nomadic lifestyle. Note that the Tesla Model Y, by its size, offers more space than the Tesla Model 3, which has already seduced an American in 2020 for a similar adventure. Even if our Canadian is thinking of eventually replacing her Tesla with a van, she recognizes the certain advantages of the brand.

Tesla advantages for a nomadic life

Life in a Tesla has its advantages, especially when you are familiar with the specifics of electric cars. Electricity for recharging is often free, allowing Little Hippy Gal (this is how she presents herself on her YouTube channel) to minimize her expenses. But the Tesla has its own characteristics that make it particularly suitable for this lifestyle.

THE camp mode, for example, allows the air conditioning to operate even when the vehicle is stationary, providing significant comfort on hot nights. Moreover, the dog fashionoriginally designed to monitor the temperature when pets are indoors, is also proving useful for her cat.

According to Little Hippy Gal, her pets seem to enjoy this adventure as much as she does. Of course, they spend a lot of time outdoors, using the Model Y mainly for commutes and overnight stays. For the moment, the Tesla remains their home, waiting to perhaps one day find the van or the tiny house of their dreams.

The potential of camping in a Tesla

While Little Hippy Gal’s story is exceptional, she’s not the only one who sees the potential of camping in a Tesla. Indeed, more and more Tesla users are turning to their electric car as an alternative for outdoor getaways. And the accessories specialists quickly seized this opportunity, now offering bespoke mattresses to transform the interior of Teslas into real cozy beds.

Another French-speaking Canadian tried the experiment with her Model Y. Although she only opted for this solution for a few nights, her experience reflects a growing trend among Tesla owners. The comfort of the car, combined with suitable accessories, offers a unique camping experience.

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