To ona ma stworzyć nowego Harry

She is the one who will create a new Harry Potter

Warner Bros. is working on a series that will retell the story of Harry Potter and Voldemort. The studio is looking for a screenwriter and the favorite is one person who has produced an extremely successful production.

Not all fans are happy with Warner Bros.’s plans to reshoot Harry Potter. This time they are not going to be films, but a series that will tell a story from one book each season

The search for a screenwriter is currently underway the favorite, according to media reports, is Francesca Gardiner, previously responsible for, among others, Succession.

Screenwriter of the new Harry Potter

Importantly, Warner Bros. he hasn’t made his choice yet. A few weeks ago, there was talk about the candidacy of four people. They are Martha Hillier, Kathleen Jordan, Tom Moran and Michael Lesslie. However, Francesca Gardiner is supposed to be the main favorite at the moment, and the final decision is expected to be made soon.

Gardiner is an extremely talented and experienced person in the industry. Not only did she work on Succession, which is considered one of the best series of recent years. His credits also include The Man in the High Castle for Amazon, as well as Eve’s Obsession and His Dark Materials for HBO.

Each candidate had to present their vision for a new series in the wizarding world. Warner Bros. Apparently, it does not rule out the involvement of several creators at the same time. JK Rowling will take care of the series. The Brontë Film and TV studio will be responsible for the series. Ruth Kenley-Letts and David Heyman, who produced films from the Harry Potter series, were also invited to the production.

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