SFR launches a Box + Tablet offer but it’s not very interesting

Fiber operators are multiplying the offers including tech objects in their offers. This is the case with SFR, which has just launched a new Box + Tablet formula (Samsung Galaxy Tab A8), but it is far from advantageous.

SFR is an operator accustomed to special offers grouping together the installation of a fiber box accompanied by a tech object, as is already the case for the PS5 or for connected TVs. This time, the firm announces the establishment of an offer to obtain a tablet, in this case a Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 (in 32 or 64 GB version) in addition to a fiber subscription. the operator.

The price of the tablet varies according to the fiber offer chosen (Start, Power or Premium) or the storage of the tablet (32 or 64 GB). Here are the prices for this offer:

  • SFR Fiber Starter : 30.99 €/month the first year then 44.99 €/month With tablet 20.99 €/month the first year then 34.99 €/month Without tablet
  • SFR Fiber Power : 39.99 €/month the first year then 49.99 €/month With tablet €29.99/month the first year then €39.99/month Without tablet
  • SFR Fiber Power : 45.99 €/month the first year then 56.99 €/month With tablet €35.99/month the first year then €46.99/month Without tablet

Also note that all these offers are offered with an SVoD service of your choice:

  • Netflix Standard with ads and Family Package: offered for 9 months then €5.99/month
  • Amazon Prime: offered for 9 months then €6.99/month

The service opening costs remain at €49, regardless of the offer chosen.

The calculations are not good Kev… SFR!

Where we have difficulty with the supposed attractiveness of the offer, it is precisely in the conditions that this implies. Initially, the required commitment is no longer 12 months as on a Box offer alone, but this time it is 24 months, all with an already higher price of 10 euros more per month. In total, it is therefore no less than 240 euros that customers will have to pay for a tablet whose price varies between 200 and 250 euros depending on the resellers and the good deals of the moment, at least in its 32 GB version.

By calculating the cost per year of an offer in addition to a tablet, we do not really see the savings made on the operation. It is even unfavorable if we consider that the price of the tablet will most certainly drop over time.

The only real interest ultimately remains to calibrate the price of the tablet over time. However, again, this is not what we recommend for this type of tablet.


Bbox fit Fibre

Débit jusqu’à 400 Mb/s

Sans Player TV

Téléphonie vers 110 destinations

Fibre, Câble

RED box Fibre

Débit jusqu’à 500 Mb/s

Sans Player TV

Téléphonie vers 100 destinations

Fiber, Cable
SFR Fiber Starter

Flow rate up to 500 Mbps

160 TV channels included

Telephony to 1 destinations

All internet boxes

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