several important new features that could change the use of the app

The WhatsApp application is deploying or preparing in beta several important changes which, taken together, could unlock new uses for Meta’s messaging service. On the program: account sharing and the use of several accounts in particular.

Meta’s WhatsApp application receives significant updates very regularly. The service is very actively developed by Meta to effectively compete with Telegram, Signal, iMessage, Discord or even Google Meet and Zoom. The goal is clear: to make WhatsApp an essential for any smartphone user.

For the past few months, WhatsApp’s changes have seemed geared towards conquering the world of work. Meta would like you to be able to use WhatsApp with your work contacts or colleagues in addition to your family or friends.

Screen sharing for meetings

To do this, Meta has announced the arrival of screen sharing directly in WhatsApp. It’s an essential feature of messaging apps like Microsoft Teams or Google Meet. It makes it easy to follow a presentation or a document during a meeting or to illustrate a point.

We also imagine screen sharing to easily show your latest photos with family during a video call. This feature is being rolled out to Android, iOS, and Windows. Hopefully the web version and the macOS version will also receive the same change.

And multi-accounting is coming to Android

This time the change is not yet official, but documented by the specialized site WABetaInfo. On the beta version of WhatsApp for Android, the application now offers multi-account support. It therefore becomes possible to connect a personal account and a professional account on the same WhatsApp application.

Until now, it was necessary to use certain tricks available on Android, sometimes through manufacturers’ interfaces, to clone the WhatsApp application, or it was necessary to go through the WhatsApp for Business application and divert its primary use. It is a function that should also help to strengthen the use of WhatsApp on both the professional and personal side.

With these two changes, WhatsApp fills some important gaps and the app gets even stronger.

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