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Santander Bank Polska gives up cash deposit machines. What about customers?

There are more and more cash deposit machines in Poland. This does not mean, however, that banks invest in them.

Santander Bank gives up maintaining its own cash deposit machines. The bank's network of cash accepting devices is gradually shrinking.

In 2023, Santander decided to transfer cash deposit machines to external companies, such as Euronet and ITCARD. According to Cashless's data, the institution provided them with 356 cash deposit machines. Analogous actions can also be seen in the condition of Citi and Cashline cash deposit machines – these institutions also give up maintaining cash accepting machines.

Poland has more and more cash deposit machines

It is worth noting that we are talking about the transfer of cash deposit machines, not their liquidation. At the end of March 2024, we had 11,277 such devices in Poland. This is almost 330 more than at the end of December and 1,350 more than in March 2023.

Most cash deposit machines are managed by companies operating independently of banks, i.e. the previously mentioned Euronet (manages 3,499 machines) and ITCARD (3,580 machines). Further positions include PKO BP, Pekao SA, Santander, Millennium and other banks.

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