Samsung’s next tracker will be more accurate, with an all-new design

The FCC has certified SmartTag 2, Samsung’s next Bluetooth tag. It will be entitled to a new design with ultra wideband connectivity.

While some were hoping for an announcement of new Samsung geolocation beacons during its Galaxy Unpacked event last week, nothing came of it. The Korean manufacturer has finally kept the presentation of its new Samsung StartTag 2 tag under wraps.

However, it seems that it is finally ready to be officially launched as spotted by the site SamMobile. The tracer was indeed certified on Monday July 31 by the FCC, the American commission in charge of communications. This certification allows us to discover some of its characteristics, but also its design.

The Samsung SmartTag 2 will be Bluetooth Low Energy and UWB compatible

We learn in particular that the Samsung SmartTag 2 will be compatible not only with Bluetooth low Energy, but also with Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology to allow more precise geolocation. Remember that Samsung’s first SmartTag was devoid of UWB, a function offered only with SmartTag+.

A design change for the SmartTag 2

On the design side, Samsung seems to have largely revised the appearance of its Bluetooth tracker. While previous versions came in the shape of a small square with a hole to hang a key ring, this new version seems to be available in a more oblong version. It is also known under the model number EI-T5600, but the dimensions are still unknown. However, the Bluetooth antenna is advertised as 30mm in length, while the UWB antenna is said to be 7mm.

The Samsung SmartTag 2

For several months, insistent rumors have suggested the arrival of a new Samsung tracker, a competitor to Apple’s AirTags. As a reminder, these beacons make it easy to find an object to which they are attached based on the GPS geolocation of smartphones that are within range of the beacon’s Bluetooth. Apple and Google have also worked together to develop a global ecosystem allowing the different beacons to work together, regardless of the operating system of nearby smartphones.

As for the launch date of this new Samsung SmartTag 2 tag, the only clue present in the FCC certification suggests January 27, 2024. This is in fact the date from which the American commission will be free to publish all certified information. However, it could be that the Korean manufacturer unveils its new beacon before this embargo is lifted.

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