Samsung pokaże nowe pamięci do kart graficznych. Nadchodzi GDDR7

Samsung will show new memory for graphics cards. GDDR7 is coming

Samsung will soon show new GDDR7 memories, which will be included in the fastest graphics cards in the future.

In just a few days, an event called the 2024 IEEE International Solid-State Circuit Conference will take place in San Francisco. Samsung, which is one of the leaders this year, will be there. The Koreans are about to present new GDDR7 memories.

Samsung GDDR7

GDDR7 memory is nothing new. Several companies have already announced modules with a speed of 32 Gb/s. Micron is also working on 36 Gb/s memories. However, Samsung wants to go a step further and present the first modules with speeds of up to 37 Gb/s at the conference.

Samsung GDDR7

Such memories would allow for a throughput of 1.18 TB/s with a 256-bit bus and as much as 1.79 TB/s with a 384-bit bus. It cannot be ruled out that they will be used in the next generation of GeForce RTX 50 and Radeon RX 8000 graphics cards, although the chance of this is rather small. First, NVIDIA and AMD will focus on slower 32 Gb/s memories.

GDDR7 memories will not only be faster than GDDR6, but also more energy efficient and cheaper to implement.

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