Samsung will raise our children.  Maybe that's better

Samsung will raise our children. Maybe that’s better

Samsung is starting a project to educate children so that they are ready for the dangers associated with being online. The training will take place in the popular game Roblox.

There is no shortage of cybercriminals on the Internet. Adults fall for their tricks, so we cannot expect every child to have the maturity that would allow them to protect themselves from this when even parents can be helpless. Nevertheless, Samsung is trying to provide young people with tips that will help them navigate the Internet safely.

Samsung will educate on Roblox

Samsung launches the project “Galaxy Station. A safe place on the Internet”which is intended for children aged 7-9, their parents, guardians and teachers. Training will take place not only stationary, but also online. Program participants will learn about proper habits when using the Internet.

As a leading manufacturer of mobile devices, we perfectly understand the responsibility and challenges associated with the presence of children in the digital world. That’s why we want to equip them with knowledge and tools that will help them navigate safely and responsibly. An interactive game in which children have the opportunity to come face to face with online threats in a safe, controlled and at the same time attractive environment increases the chances of providing the youngest with valuable content.

– said Marta Trojanowska, project leader and Senior Marketing Manager at Samsung Electronics Polska.

Galaxy Station will also feature in the popular Roblox game, which it plays in every month up to 4.5 million users, and about 25% of them are children under 9 years of age. There, important values ​​will be passed on to children through games and fun. They will learn about threats such as spam, scams, fakes and clickbait. They will also be presented with a netiquette. The issues of a strong password, secure websites and trustworthy applications will not be omitted.

Primary schools from all over Poland can apply to actively participate in the program until March 31, 2024 by completing the application form. Galaxy Station program. A safe place on the Internet was held under the honorary patronage of the Minister of Education, the patronage of the Minister of Digitization and NASK.

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