Samsung Reportedly Pushed Back Its Headphone Release After Seeing The Apple Vision Pro

Unveiled with great fanfare in early June, the Apple Vision Pro would have obviously pushed Samsung to postpone the launch of its own extended reality headset for several months.

Samsung’s extended reality headset? Well we shouldn’t see the color of it right away. According to GSMArena, the Korean manufacturer has made the decision to postpone its launch for 3 to 6 months after learning about the technical characteristics of the Apple Vision Pro, proudly unveiled by its Californian rival in early June.

Initially anticipated in February 2024, the Extended Reality (XR) headset wanted by Samsung would therefore finally arrive after that of Apple, probably somewhere between spring and summer 2024… the time for the group’s engineers to carry out adjustments, probably to make it more competitive.

A few more months of development to get up to speed?

According to the Korean media SBS Biz, Samsung would have indeed requested a review of all the characteristics of its future helmet, but also of its design, and this with a view to tweaking. The idea being obviously not to launch an XR helmet suffering from the comparison with that of the giant of Cupertino, very accomplished on the technical level.

However, Apple is not in an ideal situation with its Vision Pro either. The firm appears to have initially overestimated demand for its mixed reality headset, which recently led it to revise downwards its forecast of selling 1 million units in the first month of marketing alone. Since then, the brand would rather aim for marketing on a smaller scale: 400,000 helmets over the first 12 months of marketing, with a purchase system only possible by reservation.

This situation could benefit Samsung, especially since the Apple Vision Pro is currently suffering from significant production problems. It’s unclear what impact these concerns will have on Apple’s headphone launch early next year, but it’s clear that the mass is far from over. It remains to be seen whether Samsung will be able to take advantage of the difficulties encountered by its competitor.

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