Samsung launches a game just to promote its HDR10+ format

To show off the colors of its HDR10+ Gaming standard, Samsung will launch the first video game in the world to support it: “The First Descendent”. The title will be officially presented at Gamescom 2023.

The First Descendent. It’s the name of a game that you may not hear much about in a few months, but which will be the very first title to support the HDR10+ Gaming standard, introduced by Samsung a year ago. just over a year and a half, ahead of CES 2022.

Developed through a partnership between Samsung and fellow Korean Nexon, known among other things for its work on Counter-Strike Online, The First Descendent will be presented at Gamescom 2023. The title will also be available in open beta from September 19. However, it is not known whether The First Descendent will have the sole ambition of extolling the merits of the HDR10+ Gaming standard… or if it will incidentally be a good game. Response within a few days.

HDR10+ Gaming, what is it again?

As a reminder, the main objective of HDR10+ Gaming is to optimize brightness with automatic calibration. The idea? Provide gamers with better visibility of details in dark environments as well as in bright areas. This standard, which is no longer so new, also allows for deeper contrast, rich colors and balanced brightness. Some valuable in-game additions are also relevant, such as low latency, almost instantaneous response time and VRR support.

As for the HDR10 + standard itself, remember that its main virtue is to be free of rights and therefore free, unlike its competitor Dolby Vision, offered for its part under license. 155 partners and more than 7,000 devices use HDR10+… which Samsung strongly supports.

Remember also that in parallel with the HDR10 + Gaming standard, the firm had also launched the HDR10 + Adaptive, which we were talking about here. His goal ? Adapt, scene by scene, the brightness of the screen according to the ambient lighting conditions.

If you want to know more about the different HDR standards, here is a guide that will help you see more clearly.

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