Samsung wprowadza do Polski nowe telewizory. Będzie inteligentniej

Samsung introduces new TV sets to Poland. It will be smarter

This year, Samsung will introduce 21 new TV models with screens ranging from 43 to 98 inches. One of the new products is the third generation of Samsung AI technology, which is available in the latest Neo QLED TVs.

Excellence Line – the best among the best

Samsung's TV flagships are a family Excellence Line. In 2024, two new models joined it, QN900D and QN800Dwhich offer screens with diagonals of 65″, 75″ and 85″. These devices effectively use the most advanced artificial intelligence features today. Any of them can display image in 8K qualityadditionally have a function 8K AI scalingallowing you to transform lower quality video content to a resolution close to 8K.

The QN900D TV uses advanced technology NQ8 AI Gen3 processor, which optimizes the image and sound. This will translate into the highest quality experience, regardless of whether we are watching VOD content, live sports or playing our favorite games. He is twice as fast as the previous version and exploits as many as 512 neural networkswhich is eight times more than the processors used in the 2023 Excellence Line models.

Samsung NQ8 AI Gen3

Featuring an ultra-slim profile, every inch of the Samsung Neo QLED 8K QN900D TV has been carefully designed to keep away anything that might distract the viewer. It was made in accordance with the Infinity Air Design philosophy. It's just 12.9mm deep, making it the slimmest 8K TV on the market, and it appears to levitate in mid-air. This effect was achieved not only by minimizing the screen frames so that they became invisible, but also by using a mirror effect in the base. We have the impression that she is not there and the screen is hanging in the air.

– Samsung boasts

Samsung QN900D

Discreet module One Connect additionally emphasizes the luxurious character of this TV. It fits perfectly with the TV base, and if it is mounted on the wall, we can hide One Connect, for example, in a chest of drawers and connect it to the TV via one cable.

5 models of Samsung OLED TVs

New TV models will hit store shelves this year Samsung OLED. This technology is valued by customers to such an extent that in 2023, OLEDs of the Korean brand became, according to internal data, the leader in its category in terms of sales value and achieved 31% market share.

In Poles we will be able to choose among 5 models of Samsung OLED TVs (S95D, S94D, S92D, S90D, S85D), with screen sizes from 48 to 83 inches. The Samsung OLED family opens with the successor to the award-winning S95C model, which also won the TV of the Year title twice in readers' plebiscites of the largest Polish websites and technology portals. It is even more technologically advanced and slimmer Samsung OLED S95D.

This TV attracts attention with its unique, incredibly slim profile, and impresses primarily with its excellent image quality – this TV is equipped with the latest AI NQ8 Gen2 processor, supported by artificial intelligence. 4K AI Upscaling, powered by 20 AI neural networks, enhances content to near 4K resolution. Additionally, this processor optimizes both image and sound to provide viewers with the highest quality experience, whether they are watching VOD content, live sports or playing their favorite games.

– informs Samsung

Samsung S90D

The distinguishing feature of the S95D TV is: Glare Free matrix. Thanks to it, reflections on the screen from external light sources are significantly reduced. This translates into perfect blacks and vivid OLED colors without distractions.

Samsung Neo QLED – new standards for home entertainment

Televisions Samsung Neo QLED should satisfy both fans of cinema or sports emotions, as well as virtual games. The technology used in them Quantum Mini LED is intended to provide a realistic image and faithful color reproduction thanks to precise control of the screen backlight. Thanks to this, no scene will lose any detail.

Innovative processor AI NQ4 Gen2 using artificial intelligence to guarantee the highest quality image. All Neo QLED novelties for 2024 (i.e. 4 new models QN95D, QN92D, QN90D, QN85D with diagonals from 43 to 98 inches) offer good value for moneyand they deserve special mention QN95D and QN90D TVs. The first one should especially appeal to fans of games and sports, due to its use Fast Refresh 144 Hz. The second model, QN90Dwill be available in version with a 98-inch screen.

Samsung QN90D

Samsung QLED – a solid Smart TV proposition

There are also new TVs Samsung QLED. This family includes as many as: 7 models with screen diagonal from 43 to 98 inches (Q80D, Q77D, Q74D, Q70D, Q68D, Q67D, Q60D). Among other things, the quality of the displayed image is taken care of Direct Zone Illumination Technologywhich involves precise control of the amount of light in each part of the screen in order to achieve high contrast and deep black even in a sunny room.

It is one of the most advanced representatives of the series model Q80Dequipped with a processor supported by artificial intelligence AI NQ4 Gen2 and function 4K AI upscaling – technology powered by neural networks and supported by artificial intelligence transforms content to a resolution close to 4K.

Operating system Tizen aims to enhance the entertainment experience with the latest applications, services and applications SmartThings. It gives you the ability to control smart devices and your TV.

Samsung – a selection of TVs for everyone

This year, Samsung's new products will also appear within the family CrystalUHD (4 new models with diagonals from 43 to 98 inches). These 100-hertz devices feature a slim and elegant design that allows the TV to blend into its surroundings. It is worth paying attention to the accessories included with them, just like with other TVs. SolarCell remote controls. They are equipped with a battery and a solar panel that can maintain the energy level in the remote control.

The offer of 21 new Samsung models for 2024 is completed Lifestyle series devicesled by a new TV model The Frame. This year's new feature in this device is the service Art Store Streaming. Just scan the QR code provided on your smartphone, start a subscription to the Art Store and easily search for works of art on your mobile device.

It is also worth mentioning that the offer has been expanded this year to 5 models MicroLED. These are super-premium class devices with diagonals delivered to order (via the Audio Color store). up to 114 inches. They offer extremely spectacular visual experiences – impressive depth, vivid colors and extraordinary clarity and contrast. The series also includes televisions The Serif, The Sero and The Terrace and projectors The Premiere and The Freestyle.

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