Samsung folding smartphones take advantage of great offers

If Samsung’s brand new foldable smartphones have caught your eye since their release, but you’re still hesitant to give in to temptation, Bouygues Telecom has a perfect offer for you.

Unveiled this summer, the Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold vintage 2023 are proving to be very attractive. Hinge reviewed and corrected for more solidity, chip among the most powerful on the market and screens that are still just as satisfying: it is difficult to criticize the choices made by Samsung, which makes a devilishly successful copy here. Enough to seduce the editorial staff of CssTricks, which awarded a nice 8/10 to these two smartphones, but also fans of folding smartphones who hold here some of the most successful models on the market.

And if the desire to get your hands on one or other of these smartphones tickles you, Bouygues Telecom has pulled out all the stops to help you take the plunge. On the program: a significant trade-in bonus, a nice gift and the possibility of having your new phone delivered in just 24 hours. The only constraint: you decide before August 26th…

Delivery in 24 hours, Galaxy Buds2 Pro and trade-in bonus: the very attractive offer from Bouygues Telecom

And if you let yourself be tempted by a Galaxy Z? Bouygues Telecom has arguments to get you to buy.

To begin with, the operator offers you a substantial trade-in bonus in exchange for your old terminal. You can thus obtain 150 euros, in addition to the estimated value of your phone. A significant sum that it would be a shame to miss.

Bouygues Telecom also joins Samsung to offer you a pair of Galaxy Buds2 Pro. Wireless headphones with active noise reduction that shine with their comfort and very satisfactory sound quality, as CssTricks’s editorial staff had pointed out in their test. An offer that runs until September 30, and of which you can discover all the details by going to this page.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

Last but not least: fast delivery. Until next August 26, Bouygues Telecom offers you free delivery within 24 hours. A boon for the most impatient who will not have to watch for the postman to be able to enjoy their new smartphone.

The Galaxy Z Flip5 at 1 euro (+19 euros/month) with the 200 GB package

As expected, Bouygues Telecom has decided to include the new Galaxy Z in the list of devices compatible with its Smartphone Benefits packages. As a reminder, these plans with commitment allow you to benefit from non-negligible advantages for your terminal, in particular in terms of price.

The opportunity to not only obtain an immediate discount on one or other of the phones, but also to set up a financing solution over several months. By opting for the 200 GB version of this plan, you will be able to acquire:

Beyond these advantageous prices, the Sensation 200 GB package offers a whole arsenal of services to allow you to take full advantage of the possibilities of your smartphone. In this case, you will benefit each month:

  • unlimited calls and texts from France to Switzerland, the USA, Canada and Israel;
  • unlimited calls to landlines in 120 countries as well as unlimited calls and SMS from Switzerland and Israel to Switzerland, Israel, France, Europe and the overseas departments;
  • 200 GB of data in 5G, of which 100 GB can be used in Europe, in the overseas departments, in Andorra, in the USA, in Canada, in Israel or in China.

Small additional advantage, this package gives you access to a second internet SIM card which will allow you to use your package and its large volume of data on a second device, such as a tablet.

Bouygues Telecom’s 200 GB mobile plan is offered with a two-year commitment at a monthly rate of 26.99 euros the first year, then 39.99 euros the following year for Bbox subscribers. For the others, you will have to pay 31.99 euros per month for the first year, and 44.99 euros for the following twelve months.

Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5: a new generation that keeps its promises

The 2023 Galaxy Z vintage is not intended to shake up the model established by previous generations in large widths. Its vocation is rather to correct the small flaws of the Z Flip4 and Fold4, to adapt their technical sheets to current standards, and more generally, to offer the most pleasant user experience possible. Most of the work done on this new generation is therefore to be found at the level of the hinge, an element… hinge precisely.

Both the Galaxy Z Flip5 and the Galaxy Z Fold5 have a new folding mechanism: a teardrop hinge, in reference to the shape that the screen adopts when folded. A novelty far from trivial insofar as it allows the new generation Galaxy Z to fold up entirely. Exit the unsightly space of the old models. In addition to a certain aesthetic advantage for the silhouette of these terminals, this above all makes it possible to preserve their screens which are now perfectly joined.

On the technical sheet side, Samsung has also done very well by installing neither more nor less than a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 at the heart of each of its models. A real monster of power that ensures the Z Flip5 as the Z Fold5 to brilliantly take up the slightest task that you can entrust to them. Especially since it is accompanied by 8 GB of RAM on the Z Flip5 and by the whopping 12 GB of RAM on the Z Fold5.

In order to offer a smooth user experience, the manufacturer has also made some changes to the screens of its two terminals. The Galaxy Z Fold5 gains in brightness by trading its 1,300 Nits for 1,750 Nits. The most radical change, on the other hand, has been made to the Z Flip5, whose external screen has grown in size. It now sports a 3.4-inch AMOLED panel (for a definition of 748 by 720 pixels). It gains in passing some new applications and widgets (Netflix, YouTube, WhatsApp) which make it a real second screen.

Changes that do not radically change the situation, but which come to refine and refine the formula established by Samsung on these two terminals with such particular formats. Enough to convince the CssTricks team, which awarded a solid 8/10 to the Galaxy Z Flip5 as well as to the Galaxy Z Fold5.

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