Samsung wyprzedza Intela i TSMC? Nic bardziej mylnego

Samsung ahead of Intel and TSMC? Nothing could be further from the truth

Samsung delivered 2 nm lithography wafers to the first customer, ahead of Intel and TSMC. In reality, however, we are talking about an older production process.

We have three important players on the semiconductor manufacturer market – TSMC, Intel and Samsung. The fight between them is fierce and this is hardly surprising when we are talking about billions of dollars in profits. It is their foundries that are used by giants such as Apple, AMD, Qualcomm, MediaTek and many other companies.

Samsung’s name change is pure marketing

Just yesterday we informed you that Intel is trying to steal customers from Samsung. However, the Koreans pulled out an ace up their sleeve – 2nm lithography. Offering production in this process will allow them not only to overtake Intel, but also the king of the industry, TSMC. There is only one problem – Samsung lies.

According to ZDNet Korea, Samsung’s new production process, despite its name, has nothing to do with 2 nanometers. In fact, this is the second, improved generation of 3nm lithography. In other words, we are talking about a pure marketing ploy intended to convince customers that Koreans offer the latest technologies.

These are not empty accusations, because Samsung has already delivered “2 nm” chips to the Japanese company Preferred Networks (PFN). While it was initially assumed that the Korean giant had gained an advantage over TSMC, the latest report states that the completed order was in fact a supply of 3nm GAA wafers.

We should know more details in the near future. Industry information suggests that Qualcomm asked Samsung and TSMC to provide samples of chips in 2nm lithography. It is assumed that the company may want to use this manufacturing process for a flagship SoC in the form of Snapdragon 8 Gen 5.

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