Pasta termoprzewodząca ze sztuczną inteligencją

Rompers, i.e. thermal paste with artificial intelligence

Information about the new Cooler Master thermal paste equipped with AI functions has appeared online. The community erupted in laughter. Could we have another case of the so-called AI Washing, i.e. unjustified advertising of producers with AI technology, as was the case with the ecological marketing wave and the so-called greenwashing?

AI Washing is the new fashion. Old features are now suddenly smart

Technology journalists have been suffering from white fever for a year. Functions that have been known for decades are suddenly being called AI functions by manufacturers, without any justification or sense. There are plenty of examples – everyone wants to warm themselves in the warmth of the trend in artificial intelligence. And then when you ask the manufacturer “what kind of AI do you actually have in this phone”, he replies that it is battery support. Eh…

And just when we thought we had seen everything, she appeared. AI thermal paste from the renowned company Cooler Master – Cryofuze 5. If you are not proficient in assembling computers, let me explain – it is, as the name suggests, a paste that is lubricated on the processor or memory chips to make them release heat more effectively to the radiator.

Neural network in gray goo

Shockingly, we haven't had such technology yet. Why do we need NPU processors, why do we need powerful RTXs, if artificial intelligence is already in this shapeless goo – Internet users mocked. It's strange that Cooler Master didn't organize a global conference to present its new product.

However, there was an official statement from Cooler Master. We learn from it that this Chinese version of the website translates poorly into English. Stuffing AI into sentences at all costs has resulted in incorrect translations on leading websites devoted to PC hardware, including Tom's Hardware.

Cooler Master - company statement

So what did this Cooler Master actually mean? According to the company, Cryofuze 5 is an excellent paste for cooling AI chips. So there is no revolution, paste is paste, the matter is resolved, only the AI ​​Washing disgust remains.

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