Właściciel usłyszał wyrok and the alleged judgment of PLN 9 million – update disappeared from the Polish Internet at the end of 2021. According to reports from, its owner has just been sentenced… but you can't find it online. was probably the most popular website in Poland where you could find paid companionship. The portal operated for 15 years, facilitating contacts between clients and escorts, as well as apartment renters. During this time, Roksa's hosts earned a fortune on their platform, and their activities began to be scrutinized by the relevant authorities, who suspected that they had committed a crime – peddling.

There was a fee for each advertisement placed fee of PLN 50. In Roksa's 15-year history, these announcements have been good several thousand… per month. Facilitating prostitution was very lucrative. As calculated by the website – Roksa brought profit of at least PLN 56 million.

The verdict in the Roksa case?

About the alleged judgment in the Roksa case was written by the website, but the article disappeared from the website's resources. This calls into question the reports presented therein.

According to, the owner of the website was to be sentenced: 1 year in prison suspended for 3 years. Moreover, he must pay PLN 300,000 fine and return almost PLN 9 million. Specifically, he must return PLN 8,982,066.70 as financial benefits from committing a crime. The remaining three defendants were to pay PLN 40,000 each. PLN fine. denies this

The problem is that neither the precise amount of the fine nor information about the judgment of September 25, 2023 appears anywhere else. However, we received it via the contact form declaration of the owner of websitein which he firmly denies:

We officially inform you that this information is FALSE. To date, no one associated with the portal has been convicted by a court. The author of the article included false information intentionally or by omission, failing to maintain even the minimum of journalistic integrity.

Combined with the mysterious “disappearance” of the text in the resources of, it seems that we have fallen victim to false information and all we can do is apologize for duplicating it.

Independent explains

The source article is available again, but is preceded by a correction. The judgment described above was actually passed. However, it did not concern Roksa, but another Internet portal with a similar profile.

Unfortunately, we do not know which portal this may be. It is worth recalling that also disappeared from the Internet at a similar time to Roksa. In the meantime, other sites facilitating prostitution were also emerging.

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