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We were testing the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra a year ago, the brand’s most innovative vacuum robot, promising autonomous floor cleaning thanks to its washing base. This is responsible for washing the mop thoroughly with clean water, while collecting dirty water and dust, allowing it to clean the floors with very little human intervention.

When it was released, the product cost 1490 euros, a price justified by the cleaning performance, but also the on-board camera, capable of detecting and recognizing many types of obstacles. Aware of its high price, the brand released the S7 Pro Ultra a few months later, with similar features, while removing obstacle detection.

The manufacturer has since released the S8 Pro Ultra, a new generation bringing significant developments in terms of cleaning capacity, but also hot air drying. The new product costing the modest sum of 1500 euros, the brand has worked on a hybrid and less expensive product: the new S7 Max Ultra. This is based on the S7 Pro Ultra, but benefits from certain innovations of the S8 Pro Ultra, such as infrared obstacle detection or hot air drying.

Beyond a nomenclature to sleep outside, let’s see what are the improvements made by the S7 Max Ultra and what it is worth on a daily basis.

Roborock S7 Max Ultra Technical sheet

Model Roborock S7 Max Ultra

36.2cm x 35cm x 9.4cm

Maximum covered area for one cleaning cycle

300 m2

Obstacle detection



Black White

Wash function


Product sheet

This test was carried out with a robot vacuum provided by Roborock.

Roborock S7 Max Ultra A base that does not go unnoticed

Like most modern robot vacuums, the Roborock S7 Max Ultra takes on a circular shape, measuring 350 x 353 x 96.5mm, still with a LiDAR dome on top. These dimensions, although quite generous, allow it to slip easily under most furniture, sofas and beds.

On the upper part, Roborock has three quick access buttons, as well as a hatch that conceals the dust container and the HEPA filter, which avoids having to turn the robot over to access them. The underside resembles that of its predecessors, including the vibrating mop module and the silicone roller brush, as well as the classic sensors and wheels.

The S7 Max Ultra differs from the S7 Pro Ultra it replaces, since it does have a Reactive Tech infrared sensor located on the front edge. This allows it to detect obstacles and avoid them, without recognizing and categorizing them, unlike more expensive models.

The station is almost identical to that of the S7 Pro Ultra, with measurements of 422 x 504 x 420 mm, which makes it not very discreet in a living room. It does not include the slight aesthetic improvements made by the S8 Pro Ultra. There are therefore two water tanks and the dust bag cover on the top, without them being concealed by a hatch.

It makes you wonder if the designer worked for a printer manufacturer before arriving at Roborock, as the water tanks are reminiscent of ink cartridges. It is unfortunate that Roborock did not make more effort to rework the base, which is not very discreet compared to that of the Dreame L10s Ultra for example. There’s no button on the base to control the robot, although an LED indicates charging status or if human intervention is required, such as emptying the dirty water tank.

Despite an unflattering appearance, the station is designed to be efficient and simple to use. Both tanks have handles and open fully, making filling and emptying simple. Their capacities of 2.5 and 3 L can clean an area of ​​up to 300 m² in complete autonomy, while the 2.5 L dust container can last about two months without being replaced.

While the dock design is similar to the S7 Pro Ultra, including a mop cleaning brush and a docking platform to keep floors moist, the S7 Max Ultra also features air mop drying. warm, helping to wick away moisture and prevent bad odors.

Whether it is the robot or the station, the quality of the materials used is irreproachable, which reassures about the durability of the product over the long term. On the other hand, Roborock does not include spare consumables in the S7 Pro Ultra box, which is questionable given its price and positioning.

Roborock S7 Max Ultra An ultra-customizable application

Like the other products of the brand, the Roborock S7 Max Ultra is controlled through the application of the brand, but also that of Xiaomi, thus facilitating the handling on a daily basis. When started, the robot is responsible for exploring the surroundings and creating a map of your home, which you can then personalize. The system is smart enough to distinguish rooms from each other, although of course it is possible to separate or merge them, but also to rename them and even create forbidden zones and virtual walls.

For each room, it is possible to define cleaning preferences, whether in terms of suction power or cleaning intensity, but also the sequence in which to clean the rooms, and even to place furniture as you wish. . More seriously, the robot can manage up to four cards, which is particularly useful if your home has several floors. It is also not necessary to tell him which one to use, since he is able to position himself in space and select the card to use independently.

In addition to these map management capabilities, the application also allows you to define a cleaning schedule, but also to refine your cleaning preferences, such as the frequency of rinsing the mop as well as its drying time. Similarly, you can choose whether the robot should raise its mop to meet a carpet, or simply avoid it so as not to wet it. Finally, it is possible to define the times for loading the robot to take advantage of off-peak hours, which is particularly valuable in these particular times.

When used daily, the app displays many details about the cleaning cycle and the robot, namely the battery level, the area cleaned, and the elapsed time, while displaying the route on the map and any obstacles detected.

Finally, the robot integrates perfectly with Alexa and Google Assistant and it is therefore possible to send it to clean a specific room by voice using a speaker or a connected screen.

Roborock S7 Max Ultra Excellent cleaning performance, but average obstacle detection

The S7 Max Ultra boasts a respectable 5,500Pa of suction power, allowing it to make short work of the dust and dirt it finds in its path. Several cleaning modes are offered, ranging from the quietest to the max mode. The first is more than enough for daily cleaning and produces around 62 decibels, which is still acceptable for having a conversation or watching TV.

During our tests, the S7 Max Ultra proved to be extremely effective on hard floors, since it is able to remove crumbs, animal hair, soil, dust and all other types of dirt, without leaving any residue and in a single run. Its side brush also allows it to clean corners and angles well, although the robot has a little more trouble cleaning angles that are not straight.

On carpet, the S7 Max Ultra is also doing very well thanks to its silicone brush. For thick carpets, however, it will be necessary to prefer the S8 Pro Ultra which can better dislodge dirt in depth thanks to its double brush roller.

When it comes to wet floor cleaning, the S7 Max Ultra has a vibration module to scrub floors at 3000 RPM by applying 6 Newtons of pressure, which is enough for daily cleaning. During our tests, the S7 Max Ultra was very effective, since only a dry coffee stain resisted it when cleaning with clear water. On the other hand, a cleaning with detergent added to the clean water tank came to the end after a second pass.

As mentioned earlier, the mop’s cleaning frequency is customizable, meaning the S7 Max Ultra can return to its base after cleaning a room, or after a preset amount of time, to avoid spreading dirt around. through housing.

Regarding navigation, the robot uses it without any problem and knows how to move in perfect autonomy. He never found himself stuck without knowing how to return to his base, confirming his superiority in terms of cartography.

However, its obstacle detection is not perfect, since the robot can detect most obstacles and avoid them, without however being able to discern small objects and cables. In particular, he happened not tosee» Cables left on the floor, which ended up being sucked up and wrapped around the brush roll.

If it detects an obstacle, it displays it on the map, without being able to recognize the type of obstacle in question. This is still useful, in particular to identify areas that have not been cleaned because of an object left on the floor, such as shoes, flower pots, etc.

Finally, let’s finish with the robot’s autonomy, scheduled to last around 180 minutes in economical cleaning conditions thanks to the 5200 mAh on-board battery. In fact, the robot manages to clean about 50 m² in an hour with enough battery remaining. Even if that were not enough, the robot can automatically return to recharge before resuming the current task.

Roborock S7 Max Ultra Minimal maintenance

The main advantage of Roborock’s Ultra range is the ability of the robots to drain and clean themselves completely autonomously, which also minimizes the maintenance of the robot. Like the rest of the range, the S7 Max Ultra offers two water tanks and a dust bag to avoid having to interact too often with the robot.

The base also has a dedicated brush for cleaning the mop, ensuring that it is scrubbed after each use, thus removing all dirt without human intervention. The mop also comes out clean, even after several weeks of use. It is also dried with hot air to prevent mold from forming and developing bad smells.

Of course, a minimum of work is required for the robot to work properly. In addition to filling the tank with clean water and possibly detergent and emptying the bag water tank, you sometimes have to get your hands dirty. Indeed, it is preferable to wash the mop in the machine from time to time, but especially to clean the brush roll and the filters of the device.

Thanks to its silicone design without nylon threads, the brush roll is not prone to hairs and coiled hair, but it still needs to be cleaned from those lodged on either side of the roller. In the same way, the base should be cleaned every two weeks or so, to prevent dirt from accumulating there.

Even if these tasks may seem prohibitive, they only require about ten minutes and ensure the robot operates properly over the long term.

Roborock S7 Max Ultra Price and release date

The Roborock S7 Max Ultra is already available for the sum of 1200 euros.

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