Rewolucja w Nest Banku. Teraz będzie łatwiej

Revolution at Nest Bank. It will be easier now

Nest Bank has introduced a convenience for its customers. They can now verify their identity when creating a selfie account using the mObywatel 2.0 application.

How it’s working?

When completing the application for a selfie account, you can choose a new verification method. The user is redirected to the mObywatel application – logs in and confirms transfer of data to Nest Bank. You will be returned to the application and you can continue completing the application.

As Nest Bank assures, there is a process of such verification simple, fast and intuitive. You do not need to have a plastic ID card with you (including scanning it), and data security is to be guaranteed by the application of the Ministry of Digitization. User data is automatically completed.

What is the mObywatel 2.0 application?

mCitizen 2.0 is a free government application, prepared by the Ministry of Digitization and available in stores Google Play and App Store. This tool may be helpful in dealing with official matters. We will find there, among others mEvidencei.e. an electronic identity document, and also mDriving license Whether Large Family Card.

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