Revolut with something new for Poles.  You will earn money, but you will not get rich

Revolut with something new for Poles. You will earn money, but you will not get rich

Revolut introduces another new product to Poland, yet another one that makes it easier to multiply profits without much effort. Fintech provides a robo-advisor that invests automatically. The novelty will be appreciated by those who do not have time or experience for it.

Revolut is available in Poland robo-advisory service. New product Robo-Advisors saves time and invest automaticallybut in accordance with the established risk level and the assumed goal.

As fintech praises, robo-advisor provides clients with the opportunity to invest in diversified portfolios without the need for active management. The service may be useful for people who do not have time to analyze and select assets for their portfolio, or they lack experience in this regard.

Revolut Robo-Advisory – how does it work?

The first step is to determine your risk range and investment goals. There are several questions in the application for this purpose. Based on customer response the robo-advisor offers a diversified investment portfolio. When the client transfers funds to the wallet, they are invested in the market and subsequently monitored and managed through automatic portfolio rebalancing. The minimum investment amount needed to create a portfolio is 100 euro. Robo-Advisor downloads fee of 0.75% per annum from the portfolio value (deducted monthly).

Customers can set also cyclical transfer feeding their investment portfolio in the Robo-Advisory service. This allows for regularly increasing your portfolio for additional funds, in a specific amount, time and frequency, which, among others, averages purchase prices (reduces the impact of market price volatility).

Robo-Advisor automatically monitors and balances the portfolio depending on market changes (results achieved by the assets included in the portfolio), and also periodically checks whether the client’s risk preferences and the target allocation of assets in the portfolio have not changed.

The possibilities of the new solution do not end there. Revolut revealed that it is currently working on this expand your investment opportunities even furtherand as part of the Robo-Advisory service and provide customers with further investment products.

The Robo-Advisory service is available to customers in the latest version of the application Revolut.

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