Revolut Ramp is a new fintech service.  See how to take advantage

Revolut Ramp is a new fintech service. See how to take advantage

Revolut presented another novelty regarding: Revolut Ramp. The new service was created thanks to the fintech’s cooperation with the world’s most popular cryptocurrency wallet, MetaMask, which has 30 million active customers per month.

Revolut Ramp allows customers to purchase new tokens directly to MetaMask wallets. The service allows you to invest in more than 20 tokens, including ETH, USDC, USDT, SHIB, 1INCH and many others, via the app or website. Revolut Ramp is available directly in the mobile app, browser extension and MetaMask wallet.

Revolut Ramp is the place to start use in secondswith a balance in one of 18 fiat currencies in your Revolut account, or pay Credit card Visa or Mastercard. Customers can too omit in progress verification stage in the MetaMask wallet because they were already verified in the Revolut app.

If a customer pays directly from their Revolut account, the fiat transaction is carried out entirely in the Revolut ecosystem. Revolut Ramp gets you through integrated Know Your Customer process (Know Your Customer, KYC), which people who are Revolut customers can complete in a few minutes. The process uses the same infrastructure used to verify the identity of Revolut customers.

MetaMask is the exclusive partner of the world premiere of Revolut Ramp. However, integration with additional suppliers will take place in the coming months. Revolut argues that its goal is to ensure that purchasing cryptocurrencies is always a quick and hassle-free process. Fintech coming soon will announce further partnerships and implementation.

Customers can buy cryptocurrencies from 1 euro and there are several ways to do it. They can use stop or limit orders, or use the recurring buy function to average out the price volatility in the market. An additional function is the automatic purchase of the selected cryptocurrency for rounding up to full amounts, i.e. the ending amount from daily purchases.

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